Saturday, April 21, 2007

Staying at Aunt Barbara's on Mom and Dad's Anniversary


So Mom and Dad left me with Aunt Barbara, who isn't any relation to Mom and Dad but rather is a good friend who they went to Nicaragua with. Dad likes Barbara because she's a Fordham graduate like he is. Mom wonders why Barb is single since she's really successful, pretty and just a great person.

Regardless, I lived in luxury in Auntie Barbara's fantastic apartment on the East Side of Manhattan. No offense, Mom and Dad but it sure beats the hell out of Woodside, Queens. I had the run of this spacious palace and Auntie Barbara loved me and let me sit with her all day while she read the paper and never really left me alone too long by myself. I curled up at the foot of her bed at night and in her gym bag during the day when I was by myself. Nice and snuggly.

Thanks to Aunt Barbara for a great time.

And Happy 5th Anniversary to Mom and Dad.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hating Other Dogs


So my chiahuahua really doesn't like other dogs. He just goes absolutely apeshit when another dog is anywhere near him. My friend Darryl says his dog does the same thing and that a trainer siad that he wasn't socialized properly (I would've replied "DUH" if the trainer said that to me).

Anybody else with a similar experience?