Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Moved...To BUFFALO

Sorry for the lack of blogging. I've been under boxes for months now and have just gotten adjusted to a new home. You dogs all know how out of sorts that can get us. I just got used to being in NYC and now...BANG... we move.

You can take the dog out of the city but you can't take the city out of the dog.

So that's the big news! I moved with Mom and Dad to Buffalo. I'm not quite sure what Dad was thinking here. It's freakin cold for me here! I can't control my body temperature and have taken to refusing to go outside from time to time. I mean you have to put your paw down now and again with these humans and that's where I draw the line. It goes below 30 degrees and I'm not budging.

So... I have lots of new things to sniff in Buffalo and most importantly, we have a carpet in our new home which I really love. My paws sink right into those fibers and ahhhhhh, it just feels marvelous. I roll around for hours.

I haven't exactly gotten used to my new surroundings. I've marked places that I know I'm not supposed to. Dad asked me if I was confusing his new office area for a toliet the other day. I quickly reminded him that no self-respecting dog would ever use a toilet. I mean please... I'm not sitting anywhere where anyone else's butt has been.

I have some new friends too. Sr Jeremy has become the new world class dog sitter. She lets me sit on her lap in the car whenever we go somewhere new and lets me sleep all curled up next to her. What a neat pal she has become!

Now the one downside to dad's new job as a Campus Minister is that Fr Jack, his new boss, has not only one but two absolutely huge english sheepdogs! Ripley and Quigley haven't run into the likes of me because dad thinks they will intimidate me way too much. I think he's right. I'd get way too afraid of those, dogs!

Ot oh, Dad told me to be nice just now because he likes both Ripley and Quigley. At first I was jealous when I'd pick up their scent on dad's hands or clothes, but he still makes me feel a lot more special than those two who just get occasional attention from Dad. I think they really just remind Dad of how much he misses me when he's at work and the result is that dad is spending a lot more time at home with me and mom.

I'm also smarter and cuter. Hee-hee. I'm so ...what's the word....? Catty? Hell no! Gosspy! Yeah that's it!

But if those dogs start getting treats from Dad instead of me--we're gonna have a rumble.

Mom also likes her job at the school for the deaf. And she's home at the end of her day and we walk after dinner for a long time in the bitter Buffalo cold. Actually, it hasn't been too bad. For a long time it was above 50 degrees and I didn't even need a coat. However, in recent weeks, it's gotten cold and we got about 6 inches of snow last week. So I've been a shivering pup from time to time. But all in all I like it here a lot more than Woodside where I was too attracted to garbage bags and litter.

Dad's also been driving and I can't wait to stick my head out the window of his new car! Have you ever stuck your head out the window going 45 MPH? WOW! What a rush!

We'll blog more frequently from here on out. I've asked dad to bring his mac home every night so I'll have more opportunities tp blog. He recently bought that mac but he often leaves it in the office and I just can't bear to use a PC anymore. You know what they say..."Once you go Mac..."

So I'm back and I hope you all enjoy our blogging escapades in Buffalo.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

From Dad's Blog...A Dog? In Church

Dad got a huge response when he asked if people thought it was appropriate to have a dog in church?

So what do you think?

And check back later today to see my video of my parish's blessing of the animals service.

That's right...I said MY parish!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My New Lullaby

And dad will sing it to me every night now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Never a Truer Word was Spoken

Uncle Jarrad and Aunt Linda took this fun picture!

And a belated happy birthday to Uncle Jarrad, who always has time for me when I visit the office.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Facebook for dogs!

Come check me out on DogBook!

It's fun!

Monday, September 14, 2009


And just who might this hussy be? Oh Ripley! Fr Jack's dog in Buffalo!

Sigh! Leave you alone for three days with two English Sheepdogs and this is what happens!

Meanwhile, I get a dog sitter for the weekend! I guess I'll just have to bond with him and lick his face! We'll see how much you like that!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Buffalo! Break Out the Sweaters

So Mom and Dad and I are going to move to Buffalo. What part of "I'm a chihuahua, a warm-weather dog that can't control his own body temperature" don't you understand?

Oh well sweater donations are suggested and accepted! Nothing too Perry Como though.

And wait, Dad's new boss has two English Sheepdogs?! Oh man, this is gonna be a freakin nightmare.

What's that? Oh it's a campus ministry job that dad has taken! So that means cute 19 year old women who will undoubtedly think I'm adorable. OK I can see an upside now.

Anyway, congrats on the new job Dad. He'll be the best Campus Minister that SUNY Buffalo has ever seen.

What's that? SUNY Buffalo is in the top 20 party schools as reported by Princeton Review?

Well break out the funnel and call me Spuds McKensie!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thanks Uncle Paul

Uncle Paul came and sat for me while Mom and Dad took a trip to Buffalo. We had fun and I didn't die which was Uncle Paul's only order of business.

We watched some movies and just generally hung out. I woke him up at some God-awful hour just like I do to Dad every day. Dad needs a lot more beauty sleep than Uncle Paul so I figured it was OK and he didn't seem to mind.

And now I'm a fan of his blog too. So check him out!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Grandpa and Grandma - 59 Years! Or 413 years in dog years

Happy Anniversary to the best Grandma and Grandpa! Thanks for raising dad! Ya done good!

Here are some great pics from the day:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hey--that Dog is Stealing My Act...

At H/t to our buddy Deacon Greg for this.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hold on.. I have cousins?

So the cousins came to visit from Milwaukee. I was a bit out of sorts for the visit but we had a good time anyway. I think Molly and Katie particularly liked me, even though I don't always like to hang out with little kids. Molly's used to being around dogs who aren't always the best behaved so she was cool with me, even when I wasn't so into being around kids! Sorry, Molly, I hope we're still friends!

Katie said that my name should be Bugsy because my eyes bug out! Hee-hee! I think that's funny and so i asked if perhaps Dad might consider re-naming me?

"Not a chance," dad said. "I picked you for your name and your cuteness at the animal shelter and your name certainly is part of your personality at this point."

I remarked back, "My name is 'Dog Who Freaks Out Around Kids?"

He said, "That's your Native American name. Mom's Native American name is "Sleeps on the Couch." And mine is "Wind Through His Scalp."

Now we're off to watch "Dances With Wolves" for the 900th time.

But thanks for a nice morning to my cousins: Ronnie, Becky, Ben, Molly and of course, Katie.

Sometimes a Warm Dog is the Perfect Sleep-aid

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh to have a yard or a park nearby...

That has no other dogs around where Dad and I can run all day! Sorta like this...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

How I Usually Spend a Hot Sunday Morning

On a nice, cool, hardwood floor in an air conditioned room! Aaaaahhhhhh!

Sometimes I look for the one strip of sunlight to balance it out!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

One More Reason to Hate Philadelphia

Like I needed another reason to hate this team. Michael Vick is now a member of the Eagles. A great sign from the protesters:

Hide your beagle; Vick's an Eagle.

Now in fairness, as I am king of fairness. People deserve a second chance. I'm hoping he's rehabilitated and remorseful, but I don't think I'll be rooting for him. I'm just glad he's not a Jet.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mom isn't sick! Yay!

So mom and dad have been worried because the doctor found something wrong on mom's recent mammogram, but today they found out that everything is fine! Yay! I was so happy I had to do something like this:

Finding all those bunnies in New York City was pure hell! But it was worth it for mom! Yay mom!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Delilah the Dog

I've got a new Girlfriend! Now if I could only stay in the same room as her! Since I don't like other dogs I'll just have to worship her from afar. Dad's friend Carla brought her best friend Delilah to a recent party at their friend Donna's home. Looks like Delilah loved the outdoors.

Monday, July 27, 2009

New pics: What the heck...?

So Dad was taking pictures of me yesterday and he had the perfect shot lined up of me panting on a hot day. Then a little kid jumped off a flight of stairs and his flip flops made a big noise and scared me and this was the result.

So we tried again with take two...much better I think. I'm a handsome guy if I do say so myself.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I told you so...

I love the belly rub from dad!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Hate the 4th of July

It's not that I'm not patriotic or anything...

Bu the noise of fireworks hurts my ears, especially when I went outside with Dad to poop and people were setting fireworks off in the park. Yikes! That was not good. Especially the dope who set one off pretty close to me. Dope.

We got back inside quickly and I was still annoyed by the noise but dad put the air conditioner on high and raised the TV volume to drown out the noise and more importantly he kept me near him and petted me all night to make me feel more secure. So it all turned out OK from where I sit.

I'm hoping that some new tradition might show itself in a way that we can celebrate our country's birthday with flair but less noise.

I'm not alone when it comes to my hatred of fireworks. This article tells us a bit more about why dogs should be kept away from fireworks.

For many dogs, the first “Wheee!” of a rocket they hear sends them under the bed, quivering from nose to tail. They make a sorry sight, and it’s important to keep them indoors away from those gangs of boys, who might find it very amusing to taunt a terrified dog with fireworks.

You have to remember that a dog’s hearing is so very much more sensitive than ours. Take the Border Collie for instance. He’s been bred to hear a sheep sneeze halfway up a mountainside, then to hear his master’s whistles and commands when he gets up there to find her.

How about flag waving? That's pretty quiet and it makes a nice breeze.

Speaking of which, check out Ginny Moyer's article on just that subject on BustedHalo.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I love Grampa

And because it was Father's Day, I intuitively knew that you were now the pack leader, so I followed you around all day long instead of Dad. I also didn't pee on your chair.

Happy Father's Day to both Dad and Grandpa. You are both leaders of my pack!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Subway travel

That's me playing peekaboo on the subway ride to see Mom's great friend Dawn. It was a nice day even with the rain. We spent it in our friend Eric's apartment eating and talking which is how I like to hang out with friends best. I even got some turkey! Mmmmm...human food.

I can't believe that the NYC transit authority makes me travel in a bag! Don't they trust me enough that I won't pee on things?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Meet Dug the Dog

If you haven't seen the movie "Up" yet from Pixar, it's a must see. Dug the Dog is a cool dude!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Great Pic from Auntie Rachel

Mom Rocks

I get to be pampered by mom the next few days while Dad heads to Youngstown, OH and Pittsburgh for a few days. The good news is that he only has one other trip really for the entire summer.

My allergies have been killing me (hasn't everyone's) and I'm on meds now. They make me sleepy and they also make my poop really smell bad (not that it was a bed of roses before). Dad said, "Haze your poop is making me long for the days of "dude dorm room smell."

Mom has worked really hard at getting me to listen to her and to sit and put my harness on without a struggle. She's gotten it all down pat and we were very proud of her. I plan to beg my way into her bed and snuggle up to her tonight and tomorrow--but shhhhh don't tell Dad.

This almost sounds lewd. Whattya think I am? A furvert?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Clean bill of Health

Since many of you have asked: I have been given a clean bill of heath besides some mild allergy issues by the esteemed Dr Maureen Walsh, DVM.

So no neurological damage from my fall--or at least no new neurological issues that I didn't have before! =)

I'm sad that I didn't get to see Grandma this weekend because she's back in the hospital. I was very touched that she told Dad that she was sad that she hasn't gotten to see me in some time now. Sweet words from a sweet woman. Get better soon, gram!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I meant to do that...not!

So dad came home and I got so excited to see him that I began bolting around the house. Occasionally I'll throw two paws and repel off the wall, or dad's computer bag, or the couch. Well...I should start to re-think that action. I went to repel off the couch and my paws slid along the couch and I did a twist in the air and landed on the hardwood floor head first. Ouch!

Now I've fallen before and completely shook it off, but this time I landed hard and yelped loudly. The clunk of my head made a huge sound on the floor and both Mom and Dad gasped and came running.

I stood up woozily and I don't think this has ever happened to me before but I let out a little cry. I was really hurting. Dad came up and picked me up in his arms and looked me over. He touched the side of my head and I let out a little cry because it was still a bit sore. But Dad was gentle and eventually I started to feel better. I think I hit my eye on the floor because it was tearing and I had a hard time keeping it open for about 2 or 3 minutes. I looked up at Dad and was so grateful that he was taking care of me that I just had to lick his face to say "thanks." Nothing beats being hugged and cared for by your best friend.

But Dad made me feel more secure and we sat on the couch together and Dad really gave me the once over to make sure I didn't have any broken bones or a concussion. We went out and I seemed OK and I wanted to chase dogs--which is normal for me. So it looks like I'm OK. I was already going to the vet tomorrow afternoon anyway, so I'll get checked out by Dr Walsh tomorrow just to be sure.

But think back today on a time in your own life when you really got injured in your childhood--or a time when you cared for someone who got hurt. Who cared for you? Give them a call today and say thanks! If you are the caregiver, give a call to those you care for to just say "hey."

And the biggest moral to learn here:

"Never, ever, repel off couches."

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chick Magnet--Who Me?

So on our walk last night a young, scantily clad, woman smiles at me in front of a Woodside bar. She looks at dad and says, "So do you think that's a chick magnet?"

Now Dad is thinking lots of stuff at this point. The first of which is undoubtedly that I clearly am a chick magnet. I mean, let's face it, I'm a cute dog. It's a gift.

Next he thinks that he's just been insulted. As if scantily clad women never talked to him before I came along. Um, that's kinda true, Dad. I hate to break it to you. Dad said he came close to saying: "Well, you're talking to me, aren't you?"

But Dad who obviously landed mom with his wit, snapped back quickly with this great, great line: "I dunno. You can go and ask my wife."

That made not only her but almost everyone on the corner laugh pretty hard.

So maybe Dad didn't need me to pick up chicks after all and let's face facts once again....

Mom is beautiful. (That's her with me on the right!) Dad did really well and everyone wonders how he got such a beautiful woman to marry him. His answer: "I dunno, maybe she lost a bet or something!"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Will I See My Human in Heaven?

That's obviously a question that I can't answer. Only God knows if Dad and Mom merit heaven ( probably does, Dad's gonna have a problem).

But there's a great new book that could only be made better by having a Chihuahua on the cover: Will I See My Dog in Heaven? by Friar Jack Wintz (Paraclete Press).

Now hearing the title makes us think of fluffy clouds and dogs playing fetch with Jesus and Mary and such silly things. But the question is much larger. Are animals part of God's plan of salvation? Will animals be included in the divine vision when God makes all things new again (therein lies the answer--all things!).

This book is really about creation theology, something that lies at the heart of Franciscan theology. It's also a bit eschatological (look at me with the big words!) meaning it talks about the "last things" what comes at the end of time. If God created all the animals and they were as Genesis tells us very good--then why would they be absent from the divine plan later?

Friar Jack sprinkles solid theology, scripture references and good old fashioned story telling in this book to provide something that is so not saccharine. God has cared for creation--all creation--for eternity. We see that in all kinds of scripture stories, especially in the creation myths when everything was perfect--a foretaste of what we now hope to recapture: Paradise regained. And guess what? Animals were there.

So while Dad might be made in God's image. And while his soul (tarnished though it be!) is different from mine (if I even have one!?) that's irrelevant to whether I'll be in heaven or not. If God wills all of creation to join together in the afterlife than that is what will happen--and it will be harmonious. The Lion lies down with the lamb (heck, I'd pay good money to see that and I'm sure the Discovery Channel would get great ratings if they had that footage!) is part of that vision--hello! They are animals! Friar Jack uses this imagery to discuss the possibility of animals being present in God's plan for eternal salvation and it really makes you think about how we often don't value all of creation.

So I know in my heart as does Dad, my best friend, that we will always be together. Dad knows that I have a great spirit, one that licks his bald head and bounds happily whenever I hear the words "food" or "treat!" He senses my intelligence and knows what I fear. He sees that I am forgiving when he steps on my paw or when he ignores me when I want to play and he's grumpy. Most of all, he knows that I miss him terribly when he is away and even when he is at work for just a few hours a day. So there is more to me than just a ball of fur!

Friar Jack gets this idea. You'll read stories of special pets in his life and how they have revealed a bit of God to him and you'll find great traditional prayers that show God's creation in all of it's glory!

I give it two paws up!

The only way to spend a weekend

Snug as a dog in a rug--the only thing missing is mom or dad to cuddle with me!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Doggy Mommy's Day

So my human Mom and Dad don't have any human kids, but they have me! And they never let me forget how thankful they are to have me. After all, they feed me good food, cold water, great treats and I get all the belly rubs you could ever ask for!

Today I'm particularly grateful to Mom though. Having a dog probably wasn't in her mind when she married Dad. She grew up in a home that didn't really think dogs should be in a home. I think it's the yuck factor. After all, sometimes I pee in places I'm not supposed to (although that's rare these days--I've been good!), spill water from my bowl or scratch up furniture. I bark too loud and generally get upset when Mom or Dad are busy and don't have time to play with me. So Mom's family might have been smarter than we think.

But Mom now knows better. She never lets me forget that I have brought a lot of love into this home. I never expected that I would or could be the cause of so much love being given to others. Mom tells me that I remind her of 4 very simple rules that I live by and yet they all surround my Mom:

1) Be happy to be part of a family and show that to Mom especially:
I lick both Mom and Dad (but especially Dad because he's got a bald head--so more surface area to lick!) to show them that I've accepted them as part of my pack. In fact they are the pack leaders! Sometimes I think I forget to show Mom as much affection as I do Dad because I usually look to him to be the pack leader. So today I've been extra good and been snuggling with Mom and plan to do that each and every day now when we're alone.

2) Rejoice each time I see someone I love:
When I hear the click of the lock or the sound of Mom's voice or my crate door open in the morning, I make sure I get so excited. Not only does my tail wag but my whole backside shimmies from side to side. I love being with Mom and I hope she knows that.

3) A meal is a beautiful thing:
Every time Mom says "food" or "treat" you'd think that I was just elected Puppy Pope. I jump into the air with my paws scrambling because I know that Mom loves me so much that she feeds me and takes such good care of me. How could you not rejoice at that?

4) Happiness is a warm Mommy:
I get so happy when Mom and I just curl up together on the couch at the end of a long day. Even more so, when Dad goes away on business I miss him and Mom takes pity on me and lets me sleep in her bed. It's nice and warm there and us Chihuahuas love that. I curl right up behind her legs and wait for the morning sun to rise and then it's the excitement of a brand new day where I can begin the day with a great big kiss to my Mom. What a great way to start each day--SLURP!

I hope that you can take some time today to go and give your Mom a great big wet sloppy kiss and to do something special for her. After all, Mom's go through a lot to bring all of us into the world. I know my doggy mommy wanted what's best for me--even though I think they separated us too soon--and I miss her. But I ended up in the best place I could imagine with human parents that love me.

So here's to my Mom--I raise my water dish to you today, Mommy. I know I mess up your house, I know I'm not always the best dog, I know sometimes I try your patience, but you have been the greatest Mom. Thanks for giving me to Dad for his birthday that year and for letting a Dog like me, come into your home when you weren't really used to us Dogs being in your home. You saved me from the shelter and it was YOU that had to convince Dad that I was the right Dog for your family.

For that, I will be forever wagging my tail. I love you, Mom.

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lab Mix Saves Couple from Mountain Lion

From The Starting Point on yahoo which I read every day!

Readers were interested in this AP story about a mountain lion attack in California. The 120-pound animal reportedly charged a couple hiking in the Cleveland National Forest on Tuesday, and severely mauled their dog when he came to their defense. Hoagie, a 5-year-old black Labrador mix, was rushed to a veterinary hospital for surgery after the attack. Doctors say he's expected to survive.

Way to go Lab Mix guy! We're pulling for you but that's the loyalty of a good dog. Notice the humans didn't throw themselves at the lion in order to save their dog, I might add.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Even I was on Steriods

With the change in the seasons, I often goose honk because I have asthma. So I take a steriod from time to time to relieve me of the issue. However, I didn't use it to bulk up as this picture might suggest.

I think that most pro baseball players were on the juice at some point. As a huge sports fan, I think it taints the game--who can watch anymore without thinking about it?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If you're a little dog, watch out for high winds...

From the Detroit News

WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Tinker Bell has been reunited with her owners after a 70-mph gust of wind picked up the six-pound Chihuahua and tossed her out of sight.

Dorothy and Lavern Utley credit a pet psychic for guiding them on Monday to a wooded area nearly a mile from where 8-month-old Tinker Bell had been last seen. The brown long-haired dog was dirty and hungry but otherwise OK.

I don't know what disturbs me more--that a large gust of wind could pick me up off the ground (although I'm a whopping 9 pounds) or that it would take a pet psychic for mom and dad to find me again!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bo the Dog at the White House

He seems like a cool dog.

And he's nervous like me! Ya gotta like that. Good job out of the Obamas getting a dog who isn't perfectly well behaved. And while the President has enough problems it looks like Bo has had a good influence on him already:

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

It's Mom and Dad's 7 year anniversary. They got past the dreaded 7 year itch which means that they are going to be stuck with each other forever. But if you ask them they don't think that it's much of a problem. In fact they said something so nice to me tonight. They said (sniff)...I can't...Dad you write it for me...

We said that Haze has brought us so much closer together. He's made us take long family walks, care for someone other than each other and he's a model of love for us that shows us how we should love one another unconditionally. Haven't ya, Haze?

So for all you married folks out there...go rescue a dog. It's not only good for the dog, but it's good for your marriage too!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bo Knows Obama

The new "first dog" has been picked --a Portuguese Water Dog named Bo who was a gift from friends of Senator Kennedy.

He's kinda cute but not half as cool as a chihuahua. And what's up with the boa? Are you a stripper at GoldPaws or something?

Still we chihuahuas are not great with children. We just don't have the patience for them and don't like to play as much as kids would like us to I'm afraid.

Regardless, some advice for the first dog.

1) Don't pee in the Rose Garden. Save your best work for the Oval--that way you'll make the press.

2) No biting. Unless they are a Republican.

3) Be a picky eater. This is the White House. They have all kinds of good stuff somewhere. Steaks and Hamburger meat might not ever come your way but at the same time, hold out for the high end stuff. And don't settle for the cheap stuff after that. Besides, once you have the gourmet meat by-products you really can't ever go back, can you?

4) Love the kids. People love dogs who are submissive to children.

5) Bark your head off the first week at night. This will gain you entrance to the Mecca of all sleeping spaces --a human bed. Don't let them stick you in a crate or a dog bed--I learned the hard way. Curl up right under someone's legs and fall soundly asleep.

6) Use Clarence Thomas' gavel as a chew toy. He'll go crazy looking for it and never think to look for it in your mouth.

7) Don't play fetch with anyone except the girls. Why should you have to perform with anyone else? The girls are your meal ticket. You play nice with them and you're home free.

8) Every time you see Sarah Palin howl like a coyote. While you're at it hump her leg.

9) Invite other dogs to come to the White House dog park--which you'll undoubtedly establish on your first day. Bloodhounds can get FBI Clearance already I hear.

10) Outlaw cats. Hey, you've got the ear of the President of the free world.

Welcome to the White House. Do us all proud!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

May Easter bring you much joy and peace.

Love Haze the Dog and his mom and dad--Marion and Mike

Friday, April 10, 2009


I've been such a good boy lately according to dad that I was allowed to take a nap with him on the couch today. Then we watched the Mets game for a little while. Dad decided to do some work and so I crawled into a pillowcase and took a second nap.

It's been nice having Dad home the past two days as he is off for Holy Week. I've become a very submissive dog over the last few weeks. I only come up to the couch when Dad invites me--although sometimes I cheat and go up there when they're not around. Dad is going to start a pheromone treatment called DAP tomorrow to try and make me even calmer. Turns out there's a treatment that gives people the opportunity to spray doggie pheromones on areas or on my harness, etc. What does this do? Well glad you asked...

When I was a puppy my doggie-mommy would secrete these same pheromones and that would make me feel safe. But we think that someone took me away from my mommy too early. While I love my human mommy a lot, she can't make this pheromone. But now she has the opportunity to give me what I need.

This s supposed to make me less nervous when mom and dad leave the house so I won't bark all over the place when they come home or freak out around other dogs.

We'll see. In a clinical trial it worked in 88% of dogs.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Downward Humans

I want to try this! I think it could be fun. What do you get when you cross yoga with dogs?

Doga combines massage and meditation with gentle stretching for dogs and their human partners. In chaturanga, dogs sit with their front paws in the air while their human partners provide support. In an “upward-paw pose,” or sun salutation, owners lift dogs onto their hind legs. In a resting pose, the person reclines, with legs slightly bent over the dog’s torso, bolster-style, to relieve pressure on the spine.

Doga instructors are not required to complete certification, though teacher training seminars do exist, like ones taught by Brenda Bryan, 43, a yoga and doga instructor in Seattle who has just written a book on the subject. In general, instructors learn informally by sharing techniques. Guiding these techniques is an agreed-upon, though not officially stated, philosophy: Because dogs are pack animals, they are a natural match for yoga’s emphasis on union and connection with other beings.

I don't get to pray enough and my old buddy Fr Tom Ryan used to be nice to me when I'd come visit Dad at work. So dad, go find a Catholic version of doga and I'm all about it!

But honestly this would probably be more of my experience:

“A stuffed animal — but not even a dog-shaped stuffed animal — was used by the instructor,” she said. Owners struggled to get their very real dogs to replicate the stuffed-animal poses, she said, and bags of treats were used to get the dogs to change positions. “It was lunacy,” Ms. Apro recalled. “Peanuts, my retired racer greyhound, didn’t participate at all. Instead, I did downward-facing dog while he ate the most treats he’s ever had in a 60-minute period.”

Mmmmmm yoga and dog treats! My idea of a good time!

And I thought I was small

Read all about him in the NY Post here

Bailey Plays Dead on Letterman

I tip my doggy dish to you. What a great trick.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Hershey the Dog

Congrats to dad's friend Mary Sperry for adopting a dog! Hershey is her name and I'd like her to know that she's got a great mom. Since Mary works for the US Catholic Bishops I wondered what she could do about making Hershey the Archbishop of all dogs--since we know that all dogs indeed go to heaven?

According to Mary she "survived" one night with Hershey and "she sure is kissy."

Me too! If only I could tolerate other dogs I could have a dog-friend.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How Dare They!

Dad's friends at America Magazine has a dog on the front cover!

But it's not me! What the heck? Dad obviously has a weak influence on these clowns. This is the second time that Fr. Jim Martin has gotten on my bad side. He redeemed himself the first time. But three strikes and you're out buddy!

I'm cuter than this dog, aren't I? What's the deal? Did I pee on their lamppost? Did I poop in their hallway? I even gave Fr. Jim McDermott a lick on the face. What's a dog gotta do?

Well, despite the obvious slight regarding the cover--they have a great article this week on animal rights which is a must read.

Few want to be reminded that we live within nature. We shield ourselves from the things that nature does, harboring the feeling that when nature does what it is supposed to do, such as rain or snow, it is inconveniencing our civilized way of life. Yet our place in creation is not that of master. The natural world is given to us by God in exchange for our responsible occupation of it. As the catechism puts it: “Man’s dominion over inanimate and other living beings granted by the Creator is not requires a religious respect for the integrity of creation.” Creation owes us nothing. Rather, we owe creation reparation.

What many Christians fail to recognize is that most violations of the integrity of creation stem from a continuing desire to reorder creation in the way we would like it to be. So we genetically engineer crops to operate according to our demands, and we treat animals as if they have no right to fresh air and grass. In winking at questions of animal welfare, in stating that we are masters and that animals are at our disposal, we continue egregiously and willfully to commit that same first sin.

It is not the consumption or use of animals that constitutes the problem but the methods used to treat them. In his book Love and Responsibility, Pope John Paul II wrote: “Intelligent human beings are not only required not to squander or destroy…natural resources, but to use them with restraint.... In his treatment of animals in particular, since they are beings endowed with feeling and sensitive to pain, man is required to ensure that the use of these creatures is never attended by suffering or physical torture.”

Way to go. Glad to hear that the Catholic Church has my back! Read the whole article here

With all sincerity, there are only two magazines that I read regularly: Bark! (Of course) and America. So go get a subscription today!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Today is Mommy's Birthday and I don't know how old she is but she can't be much older than me because she looks great! So I guess she's about 5 or 6.

Mom, I kow I'm not always the most well behaved dog in the world but please know that I love you. When I don't listen to you it's because I get scared for a number of reasons--reasons that I don't even fully understand. I'm a rescue dog and have a big past, filled with a lot of crazy things.

But it was really YOU who rescued me. Remember that! Dad didn't think he wanted a chihuahua but you made him check me out. So I know that you are the one who was really meant to be my mom--even before you were!

So today know that I love you. And that I'm going to try to be better behaved.

Lick, lick, lick, snuggle, snuggle, snuggle.

Enjoy Guys and Dolls and the flowers that dad has waiting for you at the restaurant. I promise not to eat them or pee on them.

Love, your doggy son,


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Adoption Day to Me

Ohboy, ohboy, ohboy! Today is my special day! I got adopted by Mom and Dad two years ago. I am such a lucky dog. I got saved from the shelter and now I have a nice warm place to sleep, good food and two great "parents."

Dad says that we'll celebrate in a big way on Friday but we had fun playing ball this morning and then I curled up at his feet in my dog bed.

I think that dad's a bit sad that I can't sit with him on the couch but he's starting to see that it's for my own good. I've been a pretty good dog the last two days. Dad's been using a training aid (a clanging light chain in a padded bag-that he and mom can bang near me on the floor to get me to pay attention) and that's helped me sleep better in the mornings. I get up now when they want me to as opposed to when I decide to clang around the crate. So things are becoming more routine.

Please say a prayer for mom. Her great Aunt Minnie (you can't make this stuff up) died this week. They have to go to a wake tonight for her. She was very old and lived a great life. Mom's grandmother was her sister and Mom is comforted by knowing that her grandma is together with her sister again in heaven. Mom knows how
important sisters are, since she misses her two sisters a lot.

So I hope we can celebrate on Friday, Mom and Dad (with a hamburger maybe?) because these have been the best years of my life. I know I have a lot of issues but you've been so patient with me. I promise to try to be a good dog for as long as we're together.

Thanks for adopting me! I love you both.

Love always,

Haze the Dog

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Proud of Myself

So our trainer friend Laura and her friend Rob came over to work with me. Hence, my lack of blogging. I've been racked with lots of practice. Everything from sitting still when the doorbell rings to staying off the couch. I've been acting weird and don't really know why. I have been falling asleep on the couch with mom and dad while they watch TV and whenever someone moves slightly I get frightened and I jump and even give a little growl.

So I have lost my couch privileges for the moment. And I have been relocated to a nice new dog bed at the foot of the couch which I've grown accustomed to already. Fr Jack gave me a nice blanket too and that's become part of my new spot. Dad makes sure he pets me now and again to make sure I know that he still loves me and I've started to play ball more as well.

So new things abound. Hopefully this will help me overcome my fears. I'm already walking better and being less fearful near other dogs.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fetching: A New Dilemma

So dad's tried to teach me to fetch a ball for some time. Most of the time he throws it and I lazily look at it. I mean what am I? Your maid? You throw things and I'm supposed to go pick them up and bring them back to you? I don't think so.

But it seemed like a bit of fun to play with the ball so I started kicking it around and dad noticed and wanted to play too. So he began to kick the ball and I'd run and get it. The first time I brought it back dad was sooooo happy. He picked me up and kissed me and gave me not only one but TWO treats! Yum! You'd think my poop was solid gold!

So now I occasionally will fetch the ball for dad. If I'm not too lazy and I'm not thinking of things to write here.

BTW--I had a lovely morning with dad sleeping on the couch. Dad lay on his side and I climbed on top of him and found a nice place to sleep for myself! Ah--two hours of sleep!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

America Magazine gets it

Dad reads this magazine and some of his good friends work there like Fr Jim McDermott and Fr jim Martin. Here's a good take on the dog shows!

Blessed Are the Pure of Breed

The 133rd annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at New York’s Madison Square Garden, held this year on Feb. 9 and 10, once again captivated huge and avid crowds. It is the second-oldest continuously running sports event in the United States (after the Kentucky Derby). More than 2,500 dogs representing over 150 breeds were brought from around the world to compete. The 2009 winner is a 10-year-old Sussex spaniel named Ch. Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee (aka Stump). He meets one of the many stiff standards put forth by the W.K.C.—no more than seven parts are allowed in the dog’s name. Without question, there is great prestige attached to membership in this club; but it has set the bar so high that winning breeds quickly become the dogs of choice. This leads to over-breeding (including inbreeding), at puppy mills as well as among “backyard breeders,” to meet demand.

Read the rest of what they say here too. And go and adopt a rescue animal like me tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New RSS Feed

Hey--subscribe to my blog using this new RSS feed.


Ash Wednesday: Giving Up Barking

I've been such a good dog that dad came back from mass at 7AM to hang out with me for a bit on Ash Wednesday! He even put some of his ashes on my head--but you can barely see them. It also means I can't lick dad on the bald head today!

Today marks the start of Lent and I'm wondering if I should give up barking at other dogs for Lent. That's what Dad would really like. Our trainer friend Laura is coming over soon so I know that the warden is headed back to town soon--so that means I need to straighten up and fly right. And Lent is the perfect time to do that.

Mom and Dad are working hard with me. Dad even taught me to fetch (well OK, I did it twice). But I know a good series of commands now: Sit, Stay, Leave it, Come, Let's go, heel, and sometimes I do lay down.

So 40 days and no barking...let's see how well I do.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I killed your dog and then...

Dad's friend Michelle told him possibly the funniest (yet sad) story about a dog sitter today. This one may top the "My dog is not from Canada" story I blogged here from some time ago.

So a friend asked a another friend to dog sit and she agrees. But then proceeds to forget about the dog sitting for two days. She remembers and runs over the the house immediately and finds the dog in question acting weird and woozy. So she feeds the dog and he's still acting a bit weird. But she doesn't think that he's hurt or sick so she leaves.

She returns the next day and finds the dog dead. OK, now here's the part of the story where I take a moment to say that mom and dad would never have someone this irresponsible taking care of me. Yeesh.

So bad dog sitter lady takes the dog and places him in a box and begins to get on the cremate him at the humane society since there's no back yard or anything to bury him in. While on the subway a man approaches her and asks her:

"What do you have in that big box?"

Panic ensues: Lady thinks: Maybe I'm not supposed to have a dead animal on the train...I'd better lie.

"It's something electronic." she replies.

The man then proceeds to punch her in the face and steal the box as he runs off the train!

So let's review the course of the events here:

1) Woman forgets her responsibility to dog sit.
2) Dog dies.
3) Not only has this woman killed her friend's dog but NOW, she's lost the dog's body entirely!
4) She's gotten "mugged" and punched in the face.

Try explaining that to the pet's owners.

The moral of the story..if a dog dies and you have to take him to get cremated...take a cab.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Asserting My Dominance

So mom and dad have been ramping up the discipline lately because I've been a bit of a bad dog. I have been barking a lot and haven't been coming when I'm called.

So Mom and Dad escalated their dominance--working with me diligently for 15 minutes a day. Especially mom, whose voice isn't as strong as dad's so she's got a tougher time getting my attention.

So while I've been doing better at listening, I also feel out of sorts. I mean for awhile I was the top dog and now I'm back at the bottom of the pack. It's like when you graduate from 8th grade and then are a lowly high school Freshdog. Not fun.

So I thought I could get my dominance back by marking (that's peeing for you folks who don't speak dog) on the couch. Yeah, that'll show em! Fortunately, mom and dad keep the couch covered so I'm really just peeing on a blanket but they tell me it's still nasty.

Let's just say I'm not their favorite dog right now. I think Lassie and Rin-Tin-Tin might have usurped my popularity in the house alone! Oh well.

Dad's going to work with me until he goes away to Chicago on Monday. Maybe then I can start to have the run of the house again (HONK)! Yikes! That was mom's honking noise that makes me pay attention!

I guess the new sheriff means business!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get a dog and quit smoking

I have asthma--so I already knew this but anyway..take note cancer stick freaks!
I'm glad dad doesn't smoke because that stuff just stanks and I wouldn't want to get this close to him if he were a smoker. Licking a smokers lips is like sticking your nose in a ashtray.

Anyway--the LA Times agrees with me but what's more is that they think I'm considered a cure for cancer.

Quitting smoking is tough. But if smokers won't do it for their own good, or the benefit of family members, some may do it for their pets, say the authors of a study published today in the journal Tobacco Control.

Secondhand smoke is as dangerous for pets as it is for the non-smoking people who live with smokers. Non-smokers who live with smokers have to worry about the risk of lung cancer and respiratory diseases. But even dogs and cats exposed to secondhand smoke have an increased risk of lung cancer, allergies, eye and skin diseases and respiratory problems. Few smokers realize the health impact on their pets, however, said the authors of the study.

The researchers, from the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, conducted an online survey of 3,300 people, 1 in 5 of whom were smokers and 1 in 4 of whom lived with a smoker. More than one-quarter of the smokers said that knowing that smoking was bad for their pets would motivate them to give it up.

Read more here

So now us dogs can help people quit smoking too--is there anything we can't do?

Also you should know that cigarettes are toxic for us dogs to eat--eating only one to five cigarettes could cause death--so smokers now have a second reason to quit for their pets.

Besides --cigarettes are smelly. When I have an oral fixation I just lick my balls.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy BIrthday Daddy!

Today is dad's birthday and I plan to give him a big lick on the nose! He's been so good to me! He's 39 today--the two minute warning of young adult life and doesn't seem depressed about it, but might have some moments of deep discernment about certain things in his life today. So pray for him--as I do today--that he may be happy with all that he has become and understand more clearly all that he is being called to be.

I hope he likes his cake!