Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Moved...To BUFFALO

Sorry for the lack of blogging. I've been under boxes for months now and have just gotten adjusted to a new home. You dogs all know how out of sorts that can get us. I just got used to being in NYC and now...BANG... we move.

You can take the dog out of the city but you can't take the city out of the dog.

So that's the big news! I moved with Mom and Dad to Buffalo. I'm not quite sure what Dad was thinking here. It's freakin cold for me here! I can't control my body temperature and have taken to refusing to go outside from time to time. I mean you have to put your paw down now and again with these humans and that's where I draw the line. It goes below 30 degrees and I'm not budging.

So... I have lots of new things to sniff in Buffalo and most importantly, we have a carpet in our new home which I really love. My paws sink right into those fibers and ahhhhhh, it just feels marvelous. I roll around for hours.

I haven't exactly gotten used to my new surroundings. I've marked places that I know I'm not supposed to. Dad asked me if I was confusing his new office area for a toliet the other day. I quickly reminded him that no self-respecting dog would ever use a toilet. I mean please... I'm not sitting anywhere where anyone else's butt has been.

I have some new friends too. Sr Jeremy has become the new world class dog sitter. She lets me sit on her lap in the car whenever we go somewhere new and lets me sleep all curled up next to her. What a neat pal she has become!

Now the one downside to dad's new job as a Campus Minister is that Fr Jack, his new boss, has not only one but two absolutely huge english sheepdogs! Ripley and Quigley haven't run into the likes of me because dad thinks they will intimidate me way too much. I think he's right. I'd get way too afraid of those, dogs!

Ot oh, Dad told me to be nice just now because he likes both Ripley and Quigley. At first I was jealous when I'd pick up their scent on dad's hands or clothes, but he still makes me feel a lot more special than those two who just get occasional attention from Dad. I think they really just remind Dad of how much he misses me when he's at work and the result is that dad is spending a lot more time at home with me and mom.

I'm also smarter and cuter. Hee-hee. I'm so ...what's the word....? Catty? Hell no! Gosspy! Yeah that's it!

But if those dogs start getting treats from Dad instead of me--we're gonna have a rumble.

Mom also likes her job at the school for the deaf. And she's home at the end of her day and we walk after dinner for a long time in the bitter Buffalo cold. Actually, it hasn't been too bad. For a long time it was above 50 degrees and I didn't even need a coat. However, in recent weeks, it's gotten cold and we got about 6 inches of snow last week. So I've been a shivering pup from time to time. But all in all I like it here a lot more than Woodside where I was too attracted to garbage bags and litter.

Dad's also been driving and I can't wait to stick my head out the window of his new car! Have you ever stuck your head out the window going 45 MPH? WOW! What a rush!

We'll blog more frequently from here on out. I've asked dad to bring his mac home every night so I'll have more opportunities tp blog. He recently bought that mac but he often leaves it in the office and I just can't bear to use a PC anymore. You know what they say..."Once you go Mac..."

So I'm back and I hope you all enjoy our blogging escapades in Buffalo.