Friday, November 28, 2008

Working with Dad

I like it when Dad works from home because I can come and bother him and sometimes he'll stop and play with me (or better yet, give me a treat). When he has to work I'll jump up on the couch and sit in the window when the sun is shining in and just sunbathe.

Sometimes though Dad takes me to the office on slow days and we get to hang out and I walk with him in the city. We try to avoid other dogs and more importantly horses which just make me go berzerkoids! I think they are really big dogs. I'm glad we got to spend the past few days together on holiday. Next week Dad goes to Cleveland for a few days--that makes me sad already--but I know mom is going to make me feel better with her snuggling.

Thanksgiving = Human Food!!!!

Mom and Dad came home from their Thanksgiving dinner with a DOGGIE BAG!

I got some turkey--OHBOYOHBOYOHBOY! Yum! Delicious. Thanks to Aunt Donna for sending it home with Mom and Dad.

I don't get human food on a regular basis --which I know is best for me. But I get tired of kibble and the occasional venison treat. So this was a real treat! Aunt Donna's turkey was juicy and tasty! I ate all of what she sent me home in about 15 seconds! Probably not great for my digestion--but it was so good!

I stayed home today while Mom and Dad went to Aunt Donna's. And I got to watch the National Dog Show! I don't like other dogs in general as regular readers know but I can handle dogs on TV. The Pointer (pictured, left) was the Best in Show and in the toy group, the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel was the winner. The long haired Chihuahua also came in 4th in the toy group.

I'm not a show dog, but dad says that people ask him all the time if he "shows me." I've been altered (which is the sophisticated way of saying that they cut my balls off), so I can't be shown. Dad says that if I could be shown that I'd win all the prizes. I doubt that I could stand still for that long--especially with all those dogs around.

I coulda been a contender though! Somehow I think it might've gone a bit like this.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mom and Me

I'm thankful for a lot of things this year, like mom who makes me cool turkey hats. We snuggle on the couch together all the time and she feeds me and walks me every afternoon when she gets home from work. Most of all, she comforts me when Dad goes away on the road from time to time. I'll be waiting by the door for him and then mom will come and pick me up and make me feel better with a treat and we'll call dad so I can hear his voice. Anyway, hope your thanksgiving was great!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Here are some pics of my new friends Jarrad (who works with Dad) and Linda (his wife) as they head off to their first NYC Thanksgiving. I'm wearing the nice turkey hat that mom made me.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas is Coming

I'm just saying...I need to get ready.

And it's really cold out too. So we had to test the Santa suit.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I went to work with Dad!

I haven't gotten to go to Dad's office in a bit so since they had a pretty good night of fundraising at their big event last night, Dad decided to come in with me and surprise his two co-workers Brittany and Jarrad.

Fun. They both love dogs and like to play---I even got a new toy out of it. Jarrad's wife, Linda was jealous that Jarrad got to spend time with me. Dad met her for the first time last night at his fundraiser and called her "delightful" so we'll have to have her over to the house now, Dad and Mom. Remember, it's my house, you just pay the bills and I let you live there.

Brittany is fun too--she keeps coming by to play with me and I don't want her to go back to her office. Dad also met her boyfriend Samuel last night and he was a lot of fun too. Brittany also has a dog named Shiloe, who is a beagle. We like beagles from a distance but as in all dog matters, I'm too afraid to even walk across the room to shake paws.

I don't really like the office other than seeing the great people that Dad works with--it's a bit cold and dad can't play with me because he has to work. Because he's working so hard, I'm typing on the spare computer because we all know dad wouldn't be loafing on the job playing while he should be working. Besides, Bill McGarvey, dad's editor, told me that I'm a much better writer than dad anyway and my book, Googling Dog will be a much better book than his Googling God could ever hope to be.

Sorry, Dad. Looks like I'm even more creative than you thought.

Anyway, home for dinner soon!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kim and Bayli

So at Dad's reunion his good friend Kim was shocked when they not only has a birthday cake for her but also that they made a donation in her name to the MS Foundation.

Dad thinks the world of Kimmi. They've been friends since 3rd grade and her dad even coached his little league team. Best of all is that Kimmi has a chihuahua! Bayli is her name and while I don't really like other dogs, Bayli is soooo cute. She's a chihuahua--need I say more?

I'm glad that Bayli makes Kimmi happy and that makes dad happy too. Bayli is one of those tiny chihuahuas but I'm sure, like me, she is able to create enough mischief to keep Kimmi on her toes. Dogs of any size just need lots of love and Dad says that's why Bayli looks so happy...Kimmi is more than capable of sharing so much love with all of those she meets. That Bayli is one lucky dog!

Kimmi, thanks so much for doing a lot of the planning for Dad's reunion. He came home all excited and we went for a nice long walk afterwards and he told me all about it. Mom said that you were so nice and so pretty and she was very happy that she met someone who obviously had such a positive influence on dad's young life.

Now go out and get that dog a treat and teach her a trick! Let her lick your face too! Because we all know that she realized how special you are.

As have we all.

Dad Was Scary in High School

Dad's 20th high school reunion...look at his yearbook picture!

Dad what was up with this? Your mustache is the color of my fur! You were skinny! OMG...I think I may have been scared of you if I knew you then. Well, since I'm only 3 I guess I was born at the right time--another sign that we were meant to be together!

Mom seemed to have a good time talking with Dad's baseball teammate's (Rob) wife for a bit. Her hubby Rob had a devistating knuckleball. Dad could hit a bit but never really had an arm so he was relegated to keeping the scorebook most games, but when he got in he usually did pretty well--or at least he didn't embarrass himself. Nice guys on that team...he remembers them fondly.

Here are some of dad's friends below.

Dad's friend Liz (they even went to kindergarten together! She might be his oldest friend!) and her brother Joe with Mom.

Dad's friends Christine, Maria, Sonja and Michelle. Maria was in dad's kindergarten class too. Michelle was the class valadictorian! Smarty pants!

Sonja, Joe, Karen and Mom and Dad.

So they didn't allow us dogs to the party--dog bigots, but it looks like everyone had a great time. Dad has nice friends from back in the day although it looked like the guido quotient was pretty high in this school! Mom felt welcomed there and had a good time too--it's always hard to be the "plus one" at these things--unless you're a cute dog and then everyone wants to play with you and pet you! My job is so easy--sit there and be cute and the chicks just come out of the woodwork. I'm the man!

Dad showed my picture to people on his iPod touch to rave reviews he said. So while I wasn't there in person people still got a glimpse of me. It's all about me, y'know. Enough about me...what do YOU think of me?

Dad, I'm glad you had a nice time and thanks for coming home somewhat early to walk me. To dad's high school friends--you have an open invitation from me to come to our home. Let's face it, I run the house and just let mom and dad live there.

Go Saunders Blue Devils!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dad's New Feature

I wonder if anything will evolve from dogs one day? Obviously our species can't get much more intelligent!

Monday, November 10, 2008

And for what else shall we pray....?

Dad has taken to praying with me. Since I'm Mexican, he assumed that I was Catholic. I prefer to think of myself as "spiritual but not religious" especially since most religions say that I don't have a soul. HEY! I'M ALL SOUL, YOU JERKS! Barry White used to come to me for advice on how to be more soulful.

Ahem...regardless, I do have a deep respect for religious people especially those who realize that they have realized that something profound lies beyond our understanding. That's quite a humble statement and one that is indeed a universal truth.

Who do you pray for? What do you most hope for? Dogs out there, what are you looking for in this world that helps convince you of it's majesty?

I often pray for good treats--especially the venison kind! OHBOYOBOYOHBOY! But I mostly pray that people can live in peace and that people can care about all living things. That we have a concern not merely for nature but for the interactions that we encounter each day in nature. For that dumb cat downstairs to our grandparents to the little child who has nobody to care for him or her. What do we do that is lifegiving? Who do we bring a bit more soul to each day?

I think I'll go and try to cheer up dad now. He's been sad the last few days but that's nothing that a little head and face licking can't cure.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oops I Made a Stinky!

No...I didn't!

I was walking with dad tonight and we were behind three people--two older women and a younger man. All of a sudden one of the women stops dead in her tracks. I nearly ran right into her but I was able to stop just before hitting her. It was then that it happened. The woman pushed her behind back towards me and let out a huge fart!

Then she took two quick steps--stopped dead again--and let out three more loud and consecutive farts. I looked up at dad and said, "She's going to turn around and then try to blame it on me now. Just like you do when Mom catches you farting in the house."

Now look, I fart. You fart. The Pope farts (it makes his cassock blow up). We all have a little gas from time to time. But I don't think I've ever seen anyone stop dead in their tracks to cut the cheese before.

Amazing. Only in New York, folks.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not Everyone's Happy About Obama

Barney, the first dog, took out his frustrations today...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get Out The Vote

No matter who you are voting for--just get out and vote today like I did with Mom and Dad. And remember...we abstain from voting anyone for "Dogcatcher."

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Trick or Treat

Hope your day was good---Mom was so nice to take me trick or treating.