Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thanks Fr. Dave

Father Dave gave me a nice gift certificate to Petco for Christmas. They had me on his Sirius radio show to talk about the blessing of the animals. In case you missed's dad's article about me regarding that feast day.

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Christmas Rocks

We went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for Christmas. Some pictures for your perusal

This is my Grandma (seated) and Grandpa and Aunt Kathy with my dad and me.

Here's mom and me with my new jacket that Aunt Kathy gave me. Gram and Gramps got me yummy treats too!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas with the Family

Mom's family had a Christmas party and they brought ME!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dad and I in action

Here is the favorite moment of my lazy Sunday. Dad watching the game and me licking his to mom for video taping this.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Baby it's cold out all of a sudden!

As you can tell...I get cold.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Camp Healy!

Tomorrow I get to go to Camp Healy to see Aunt Barbara again for a few days while dad conducts a retreat at Mt Paul in Oak Ridge, NJ.

This should be fun---dad is going to take me in my crate.

Monday, November 5, 2007

My Mom

I've been a bit remiss in talking about "Mom" on this blog who walks me during the afternoon and sometimes in the morning. Mom is simply awesome and while I sometimes meet hotties on the streets of Woodside, there is nobody hotter than Mommy!

I spend a lot of time with Mom when dad gets home late from work. Our favorite activity is watching Jane Austen movies on DVD (dad bought them for us with the stipulation that they are never watched while he is home). We spent last week together missing dad while he was on his book tour in San Francisco.

This is my favorite picture of us.

The Haze Hayes Pub Crawl

I've been pretty good lately so I thought I'd tell you a bit about the evening walk route I take with dad in the late evening.

We are in Woodside, NY a small community of about 20 blocks in the NYC borough of Queens. It's a diverse area of NYC with cultural groups of Irish, Filopinos, Hispanics and various cultures from the Middle East. Dad and Mom like this neighborhood for its diversity and for its quiet tree-lined streets. Here we are next to our house where dad is giving me one of my favorite treats: SNAUSAGES!

We continue walking up Woodside Avenue until we get to 57th Street where we turn slightly to the right and find Donovan's Pub directly across the street from St. Sebastian's parish. Donovan's is a nice family pub which boasts of the best hamburger in NYC. I haven't had the pleasure but dad has and he agrees wholeheartedly.

We walk down Roosevelt Avenue to The Starting Gate Sports Bar, which is kind of a Cheers-like pub with a focus on the working class Irish community that lives in the area. Often posted are the times for Rugby and World Cup Soccer and even the occasional Hurling match. We often see cool and friendly people grabbing a smoke outside (like the woman who called me a choo-choo from a few posts back).

We head up to a younger and hotter night spot called Sean Og's. This seems to be a summer "pick up bar" that seems somewhat sleazy at times but looks so classy on the inside. Occasionally a good band is roaring cover tunes out the front door.

Up further on Woodside Avenue is The Cuckoo's Nest which is always packed especially on Sunday nights and they often have great music. The crowd there seems like regulars until a great band shows up and then the crowd spills out into the street. People usually are friendly while hanging out front and I sometimes get asked if I can come close to be petted by someone here.

Walking down 61st Street we can see the shadows of the 7 train's elevated platform and we also pass The Dugout, a raucous, rowdy crowd with lots of young people looking for a good time. I often get stopped by young people who think I'm cool here.

Making a left back down Roosevelt Ave we find Saints and Sinners where Dad spoke at a Theology on Tap Lecture once. They have fairly good pub grub and excellent selections of beer. The wait staff is slightly gruff but efficient and there are cool outcoves for more private discussions. Patrons are fairly friendly and their bouncer is first rate and always says hi to me when we walk by.

Finally, our last stop is KC Moore's which seems to be an "Old Man Bar" during the week and a college like crowd on weekends.

Hope that you find my brief reviews useful and that you make Woodside a place to stop by for a brew on your way to or from a Met game at Shea or to the U.S. Open or just for a brief visit. If you see me, come on out and say "Arf."

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Why Do People Do This To DOGS?

Hope your Halloween was great--mine was excruciating.

However, Dad took pity on me and just put this cool bandana on me instead. Happy Howl-o-ween!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mom and Dad threw me a party!

Just a small one mind you...just us. But it was still nice.

Some pics from the big day:

Here I am rifling through the gift bag to get my presents.

Where could it be?

Here dad--help me open this....

YAY! A Kong toy and some Kong Peanut Butter'd you know?

I played with it right away. I also got a rubber ball but I didn't like that much.

And lastly some cheesecake which dad ate for me while I ate some snausage treats! I made a wish and then licked dad across the lips--so I guess that wish came true!

Dad tells me that this is the best gift of all...some smooches from Mommy. I think he may be right--or it at least makes me feel all warm inside.

I know it makes mom and dad feel good to have me around but I'd like to let them know that I'm a lucky dog! They rescued me from the North Shore Animal League--which was nice enough but they couldn't keep me forever and not a lot of people wanted to adopt me because I have luxation in my back knees and I don't like other dogs. But Mom and Dad knew that I was specially made for them!

This is the best birthday EVER!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my 2nd birthday! I'm so happy to be celebrating with mom and dad. They bought me a new "Kong Toy" and some doggie peanut butter spread for it (YUM!). Here's Dad giving me a birthday kiss.

Aunt Vera sent me a cool card that you can see here

Thanks Aunt Vera! That's my first birthday card ever!

My cousin Ronnie also has a birthday today---so Yappy Birthday to her too! Ruff!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I thought it said "Googling Dog"

Dad gave me this new shirt with the cover of his book on it. I thought it said "Googling Dog" at first and got all excited to wear it. But in actuality it says Googling God. Now all the other dogs think I'm a religious fanatic.

I'm proud of dad nonetheless and hope you'll order the book here. I read it and it's awesome!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dad's a Cubs fan...what's he thinkin?

Dad loves the Chicago Cubs--it makes me feel sad--but I admit this made me laugh!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A choo-choo?

A crazy drunk woman literally sat with me on the city sidewalks because I was cute, dragged me into a bar to meet her boyfriend and then proceeded to call me a "choo-choo".

For the record---I am not a train.

Nice line by Fr Dave and Dad about me on their recent podcast with Fr Roderick from the Daily breakfast podcast.

Monday, October 8, 2007

You Called My Dog What?

We ran the gamut on our late night walk last night. We heard the follwing comments:

"Give that dog a boot." - knucklehead Irishman outside of a local establishment.

"My man that is an awesome dog!" Young guy heading into a local establishment.

"He's adorable!" Young woman sitting on park bench.

But the kicker was....

"Look honey, a rat on a rope!"

Now my dad is pretty even keeled most of the time (yeah right!) but tonight he wasn't in the best of moods. So he looked the guy dead in the face and said "Dude, that's not nice. How'd you like it if I called you a penis in sneakers."

The chick with him and three other women cracked up.

The guy came near dad and he said, "I'd watch my step if I were you. Haze is a high jumper and if I give him the signal he will grab your neck with his teeth and wrestle you to the ground--and then this "rat on the rope will embarass the hell out of you."

"You're bluffing."

Dad said, "Yeah but it's a powerful bluff!" a line from one of his favorite movies The Prince of Tides.

Mr. Smart aleck went inside and left us alone after that.

I'm such a menacing dog--all 8 pounds of me.


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Crate = Awesome

I slept without barking until 5:45AM. Huge. Dad got a good night's sleep and was much happier today. The crate is cozy and I go in there several times a day just to chill. Aaaaaaahhhhh, a place of my own in the house. My own personal retreat.

Congratulations goes to Tatiara Santana and Joe Werner who celebrated their engagement with mom and dad and a bunch of friends today. The fun couple went to Nicaragua with mom and dad on a mission trip and have been very helpful in mom and dad's possible adoption--despite the fact that Nicaragua didn't work out. Joe is a great Mr. Fix It type of guy who taught dad not to electricute themselves.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Calmly sleeping in the new crate

Dad got me a pet carrier today because he thought I might actually sleep better in there and so far he is right. I don't always go into the crate right away but when dad throws a treat in there--I can't help myself. It's nice and snuggly in here and dad put my doggie bed in here too along with his sweaty t-shirt and it all keeps me very calm--although it's nearly 2AM eastern right now and I have a long way to go to sleep through the night.

Dad got a new water squirter so I'm back on track now with the barking beginning to cease more and more on our walks.

I was just reminded that next week is dad's friend Fr. Brett Hoover's 40th birthday. I like Uncle Brett a lot and licked his head when he was here. He really doesn't like small dogs but somehow I charmed him into thinking that I'm an OK pup!

Thanks also for the snausages, Dad!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Pics of the Blessing of the Animals

About 70 dogs joined me along with two igunanas and a parakeet at the Blessing of the Animals at the Church of St. Paul the Apostle. Dad even got to talk about it on Sirius Satellite Radio's Catholic Show.

Our first picture is Fr. Jamie Baca, CSP giving me my first blessing. We like Fr. Jaime who was just assigned here. He's always so warm and inviting.

Here are some of my new friends who also got blessed.

I didn't catch the parakeet's name but he was cool!

Some random doggies who tried to drink out of Fr Jaime's holy water bucket.

And here is me and dad by the baptismal font.

The ceremony was cool with some singing and then a generic blessing on all of us animals and our owners. I went a little crazy upon entering and dad dropped the water sprayer in the cab (YAY!) so he couldn't squirt me. But mom saved the day by making a makeshift one out of a milk bottle and a fantastick squirter (cleaned out of course). I calmed down and sat near other dogs for awhile without barking. Mom was very impressed. Dad was happy because he was really mad that the water squirter fell out of his back pocket in the cab.

Read more from dad's article yesterday and then read a review of dad's book from Erin Ryan at the National Catholic Reporter.

I slept until 4:30AM without any trouble last night and gave mom and dad some relief. Dad took his old t-shirt and stuck it in my bed and that helped me to relax breathing in his scent. (Ode to gym sweat). I did poop and pee in the bedroom though after that--so dad wasn't that happy with me this morning. But what do you want? I ate some treats before bed and I had to go. I went on the wee-wee pad and newspaper--isn't that where I'm supposed to go?
Humans! They just send so many mixed signals. Mom and Dad are considering getting me a crate--I hope that means that I get to sleep in their bedroom.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Blessing of the Animals

Today is the feast day of that cool dude St. Francis...and low and behold, I'm a star. The website that my dad founded, features me today in an article written by my dear old dad. Read it here

If you'd like to have your dog, cat or rattlesnake blessed today, head to St. Paul the Apostle Church tonight at 7PM where Fr. Gil Martinez will bless any animals (even stuffed animals--he blessed dad's monkey last year) you bring by. I'll be there--hopefully not barking at other dogs.

Late Night Walk - 10/3

About a month ago, a young attractive woman stopped dad and I in front of a local Woodside establishment. She wanted to know what kind of dog I was (actually she thought I was a cat on a leash--let's just say she had been imbibing). She then began to talk about moving here from California and dad's Cubs jacket. She asked to hold me and dad was skittish (with the imbibing and all)but he let her hold me but had to hand me to her. She left a lipstick stain (and an impression of stale cigarette breath) on me before we left. (Dad had a hard time explaining that one to mom who immediately made him wash my face). After dad mentioned that "his wife and I live down the street," she suddenly had to leave.

So who do we run into last night? The same barfly! Natch, she didn't remember the previous month's conversation and she was imbibing a bit less this time. But she was even more nuts than last time.

"Well, I used to live in California and then I moved to this neighborhood but now I live in the Spanish neighborhood...with all those damn Mexicans!"

My ears perked up immediately--dad noticed.

"I mean this is a nice neighborhood and the 61st street subway is fine. But on 69th's all dirty Mexicans, who smell and I have to be cramped next to them on the subway."

Dad frowned disapprovingly at the statement.

"I don't mean to be an a***ole. Sorry," she added.

Dad looked at her squarely in her glassy-eyed face and said,

"Did you not notice he's a chihuahua?! Ergo, that makes him Mexican."

Oops. Look at my dad! Standing up for the oppressed--even us canine members. Never let it be said that dad is a racist.

Anyway, we're just back from our morning walk where two lovely children were taken by my cuteness and I licked their hands. I also was able to sit in front of two houses that had dogs barking at me by their porch door without much incident.

However, my barking at night persists. I woke mom up at 1:30, dad at 2:30 and then barked for a solid hour at 5AM. Heads are gonna roll soon, I fear.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My New Labrador Friend

Dad made me stop near a neighbor's house who have a giant but friendly and peaceful black lab. I usually bark my brains out at him when I see him on our walks but as my ears went up and alerted dad that I was about to do so---SPLOOSH!---I got splashed with a huge stream of water.

That cooled me down. Dad asked me to sit in front of the house and while I was nervous I did so. He then moved me closer and I got scared and barked but after another dousing I learned that this wasn't really a good idea.

Eventually, I got to sit in front of the fence very close to my new pal. I felt secure with dad there letting me know nothing will go wrong.

I guess this training is going well. Dad seems happy.

Now if I could just stop barking in my room at night!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Brits are Coming

So on my walk with dad we met an older British woman who was 90 if she was a day. She called me an "incredible specimen" and asked if dad shows me.

I had no idea what she meant--show me where? But then I realized she meant that pretentious Dog Show that they even televise now. Ugh. Dad would never do that--besides they cut my thingies off so I'm not eligible to be shown now anyway. (who would've thought some good ever could've come from that!?)

Back to our new British friend who started to tell us about a Yorkshire Terrier she owned (and also a monkey and a few cats. When she told us the monkey ate the cockroaches in her house I drew the line and walked away to pee on a mailbox). She said she wanted to show him and the dealer told her she would be able to.

She took him to another person who judges such shows and he said:

"You can't show that mongrel!"

"Mongrel! I paid $2500 for this dog!"

"Well you can't show him! He only has one ball!"

I tell you this woman has *ahem* "testicular fortitude." Dad nearly laughed in her face and she blushed and realized that she didn't know dad all that well to be talking openly about testicles.

Dad was wearing his baseball hat and she started to tell him that people who have high hairlines are very smart. Dad took his hat off and she screamed at his bald head and said: "You, sir, must be a genius."

I laughed so hard I peed in the street.

Anyway back to the one-balled Yorkie. It turned out that he had an undesceneded testicle. Ladies, let me share something with you. Talking about this with men is not a great idea. It's the equivalent of hitting us guys with a baseball bat in the scrotum. So stay away from any conversations about the nether world that deals with malformations.

The lady was nice enough and was extremely friendly and told us that she travelled the world with her pets--which I thought was nice. Dad only takes me to Yonkers to see Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Kathy (Dad's family). I wish he could take me on the road with him when he tours his brilliant book (Googling God) or you can just email us here and dad can send you one for $20 with shipping.

Until tomorrow--still in training.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Water squirter and Other Dogs

Dad brought a water squirter out with him on our afternoon walk to see if that would discourage me from barking and lunging at other dogs.

Let me tell most certainly did. I saw a miniature doberman and started barking and it took me a bit to calm down but the water squirter helped me. A block later I saw a female chihuahua like me (and let me tell you she was a hottie--if you know what I mean) and as my ears went up--Ba-Blam--there was dad squirting away. I started to bark anyway and dad blasted me like 9 times really fast and yelled "COOL DOWN HAZE!" He also growled a big angry growl like our trainer friend told him I knew he meant business.

But you know fear of the other dogs subsided. I was able to sit for three minutes in front of the other dog. Her owner, a nice older spanish woman, picked her up to be safe but then wanted to put her down. Dad thought that that would be a little too much for one day but later on I saw her again and was able to walk past her without any problem. Dad's become good at doing some pre-emptive tugs on my leash to get me ready to anticipate other dogs.

The day was almost a total success until I ran toward the door at the delivery man today and wouldn't listen to dad. I guess I got a little overworked. Oh well!

Hope we meet someone crazy on our walk tonight.

Haze the Dog


Sorry it's been so long since I've written. I've been a bit under the weather with a mild case of pneumonia.

I've also been busy with Mom and Dad getting trained. Mom and Dad are working hard with a friend to teach me not to jump on furnature unless I'm invited up. I've learned to sit and stay until mom or dad say "Let's Go!" and I walk at heel on my leash--all in just two days of work.

Two things have been very hard for me. First is sleeping. Mom and dad have made me sleep in my bedroom instead of on the couch in the living room. They shut my door and I get scared and start to bark and whimper. But dad and mom are good at being firm--they are helping me get over my separation anxiety. They are speaking my language when I do something wrong. Dad's growl is deep and sounds like a car horn. Mom's is not a ferocious and sometimes it makes me ignore her. When I don't listen dad snaps his hands at me or smacks the door and then I know he means business and I quiet down right away.

The second thing is that I still bark at other dogs but I'm getting calmer much faster. Dad seems to have become a respected pack leader and mom is teaching me a lot too as the second in command of the pack. I love Mom very much but need to learn to listen to her more. It's hard for me because her voice is very high and I don't often know the difference between her praising me and disciplining me.

We're going to be doing a new feature here on the blog where I tell you about all the weird people I've been meeting on my evening walks--maybe we'll even start to take some pictures!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Camp Healy

Mom and Dad took a quick vacation to Toronto and I got to go to Camp Healy, also known as Aunt Barbara's house. This is a fun weekend where I get fed plums and run around Aunt Barbara's spacious apartment.

I probably drive her crazy with my barking at other dogs but I really love Aunt Barbara who said I can come and stay anytime at Camp Healy where her gym bag is the warmest place to curl up and fall asleep in.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Memorial" Day

by Haze the Dog

Mom and Dad took me to Long Island to see the parents of Dad's college roommate who live out there. Dad knew that Lorraine, his roomie's mom would love me because they used to have a tiny dog named Jingles who was a Peekinese (which we all know isn't as nice as a Chihuahua, but is still cute and cuddly). In fact, it was because his college roommate, Dave, had a dog that Dad always wanted one. He was always playing with Jingles when he visted Dave and saw how loyal Jingles was to Dave.

Dad was a little sad on the way home because his college roommate, Dave had died about 12 years ago and he was remembering him with Mom on our walk that night. I don't think I've ever seen Dad cry before but folks tell me that it's a pretty regular thing with dad when something touches his heart. Dave must've been a great guy for Dad to miss him so much. I felt bad for dad so I licked his face for an extra long time when we got home--it wasn't just because tears taste good--really!

Dad's other friend Artie (the one-man party) drove us home which was nice of him and I sat in the back seat with mom snuggled up in my knapsack.

It indeed was a special "memorial day."

Thanks Mom and Dad for sharing so much with me.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The dreaded water pistol

BY Haze the Dog

The vet suggested that mom and dad get a water pistol to disipline me when I bark too much at night. I hate to say this but it's working. I don't like being wet and dad's a pretty good shot with it. The good news is that it doesn't hurt me, it only makes me wish I hadn't opened my big mouth at the poodle next door.

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Vet

by Haze the Dog

So I went to see Dr. Walsh our vet and my report came back with flying colors. No worms, no bad diseases and good samples. She even gave me some doggie biscuits.

I didn't like it when she took my temperature but I was OK with the shot she had to give me. I have a bit of a goose honking cough sometimes so she put me on an antihystimine which dad gives me with a piece of ham or turkey. It seems to be working.

Dr. Walsh is right around the corner from Dad's office so I get to go on a fun trip and spend the day at work with dad. Yay! New adventures! Dad likes having me around except when I knock the plug out of his wireless connection to the internet!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Strolling the Neighborhood


Here I am with Mom and Dad...we needed to take a "family portrait" and it was so nice out that we stopped outside and stood by a tree I like. You can see how tiny I really am here all gobbled up in daddy's arms.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Dad at a Wedding with Mom

by Haze the Dog

Dad and Mom left me with Aunt Kristin on Friday so they could attend a wedding for their friend Lisa. Lisa was part of dad's great retreat ministry.

How sweet is Lisa? She asked dad to design her unity candle ceremony and to lead it at her reception. Her church wouldn't do the ceremony at the church during their formal wedding--so they kicked off the reception with it. She even gave dad a cool gift for doing so. Mom was so proud of Dad.

I am saying my doggie prayers for Lisa and her new husband Corey today.

Friday, May 4, 2007

I'm obviously a chick magnet

By Haze the Dog

Some of the hottest chicks have been coming up to me randomly to tell me how cute I am. They like me, they really like me. Dad's got to be wondering where I was when he was single. But he really loves mom --she's a hottie too!

I really love people--and the more the merrier. I mean what's not to like about people? They feed me, pet me and let me lick their face.

For example, even Dad lets me do what I want. Today I jumped on dad's lap climbed up his shoulder and began to lick his bald head.
Yum--I love a sweaty summer day---dad's head tastes great and I licked his chrome dome for 20 minutes while dad watched Lost. He didn't seem to mind much as you can see.

Making Dad Mad


So I decided to pee in the house today (I mean it seemed like an OK thing to do after Auntie Grace let me pee on her couch). Dad's getting annoyed and I think he's going to confine me with the paper towels Mom uses to clean my urine up.

He did smile at me and say that he was going to forget about it. They've been leaving me alone too much so I've been scared. Don't they know that I just want them to spend time with me.

Dad was cool and came out at 5AM this morning when he heard me whimper and bark once and he snuggled with me on the couch for a few hours.

Unfortunately, Dad's friend Lisa is getting married tomorrow so I'll be left with Aunt Kristen for the night. She's coming here and I'm looking forward to it.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Auntie Grace and some time away


Dad had a speaking engagement in Chicago so they asked Auntie Grace to take me for the weekend. Mom went with Dad and they made a wonderful side trip to see Aunt Laura, UNcle Dan and Aunt Vera (who are my real relatives!)in Milwaukee.

Dad knocked one out of the park with his response to the keynote spoeaker at Chicago's Young Adult Ministry Conference and he gave an outstanding workshop too.

I was scared and nervous at first after dad brought me to Grace's apartment. Her place is a lot smaller and I felt very confined. Unfortunately, I got too scared and I pee-peed on her couch. She didn't mind but Dad was embarrassed as was I. Auntie Grace was kind enough to take me back home and spend the weekend in my own home with me. She's a cool chick! We had a great time after that.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Staying at Aunt Barbara's on Mom and Dad's Anniversary


So Mom and Dad left me with Aunt Barbara, who isn't any relation to Mom and Dad but rather is a good friend who they went to Nicaragua with. Dad likes Barbara because she's a Fordham graduate like he is. Mom wonders why Barb is single since she's really successful, pretty and just a great person.

Regardless, I lived in luxury in Auntie Barbara's fantastic apartment on the East Side of Manhattan. No offense, Mom and Dad but it sure beats the hell out of Woodside, Queens. I had the run of this spacious palace and Auntie Barbara loved me and let me sit with her all day while she read the paper and never really left me alone too long by myself. I curled up at the foot of her bed at night and in her gym bag during the day when I was by myself. Nice and snuggly.

Thanks to Aunt Barbara for a great time.

And Happy 5th Anniversary to Mom and Dad.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hating Other Dogs


So my chiahuahua really doesn't like other dogs. He just goes absolutely apeshit when another dog is anywhere near him. My friend Darryl says his dog does the same thing and that a trainer siad that he wasn't socialized properly (I would've replied "DUH" if the trainer said that to me).

Anybody else with a similar experience?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My new dog

By Haze's Owner, Hayes

My wife Marion and I just bought a chiahuahua dog--our first dog experience. When we were looking for the dog, the pound told us that one already had a name (you can't make this stuff up): HAZE. I replied: "I'll take him."

He's a really good dog...he just doesn't like other dogs so I have to get him some obedience training for that.

I think Haze the Dog offers me a glimpse at how God forgives us. After all, who else can you treat so horribly at times and they are still loyal and happy to see you?