Friday, January 2, 2015

Even Better

I'm a bit more lively today and my eye is a lot less bloodshot.  "Must've been all that drinking on New Year's Eve." Dad jokingly said. 

To which I replied, "If only!"

It's been a tough year, but things seem to be turning around. Even when I'm sick, I like to go to the vet now, even if the other dogs stress me out.  There's no substitute for good health.

I was scared earlier in the year because Grandpa got real sick.  Something called colon cancer which I don't like the sound of.  Apparently, he beat it. Kicked it's big booty and hasn't looked back.  Tough guy ain't gonna let that get him down.  He was walking the day after surgery.  Amazing.   I don't get to see him much since we moved, but he loves me and always asks for me, even though I peed on his chair the last time I was there!  He's the forgiving sort, so it's all good.
Dad's old classmate, Christina, bought me this cool Santa suit for the holiday and so I wore it Christmas Day.  We had a great holiday.  Mom and I got matching Jammies but mine were too small, so we're waiting on the exchange for the fashion show.  It's a comfy place my home, and Mom is a jammers girl...she gets home and wants to snuggle in her pj's with me. 

Buffalo is cold and I don't get to go out much but I'm ever grateful to snuggle indoors with my great pals who treat me like a king.

I hope your cuddly home is filled with as much love as mine is.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Significant Improvement's only been 24 hours, but I'm looking (no pun intended) good.  See for yourself:
Eye is much less swollen and less red!  Blessings on animal eye care!

Dad and mom are already thinking that 2015 is much better than 2014.  Me too!