Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I meant to do that...not!

So dad came home and I got so excited to see him that I began bolting around the house. Occasionally I'll throw two paws and repel off the wall, or dad's computer bag, or the couch. Well...I should start to re-think that action. I went to repel off the couch and my paws slid along the couch and I did a twist in the air and landed on the hardwood floor head first. Ouch!

Now I've fallen before and completely shook it off, but this time I landed hard and yelped loudly. The clunk of my head made a huge sound on the floor and both Mom and Dad gasped and came running.

I stood up woozily and I don't think this has ever happened to me before but I let out a little cry. I was really hurting. Dad came up and picked me up in his arms and looked me over. He touched the side of my head and I let out a little cry because it was still a bit sore. But Dad was gentle and eventually I started to feel better. I think I hit my eye on the floor because it was tearing and I had a hard time keeping it open for about 2 or 3 minutes. I looked up at Dad and was so grateful that he was taking care of me that I just had to lick his face to say "thanks." Nothing beats being hugged and cared for by your best friend.

But Dad made me feel more secure and we sat on the couch together and Dad really gave me the once over to make sure I didn't have any broken bones or a concussion. We went out and I seemed OK and I wanted to chase dogs--which is normal for me. So it looks like I'm OK. I was already going to the vet tomorrow afternoon anyway, so I'll get checked out by Dr Walsh tomorrow just to be sure.

But think back today on a time in your own life when you really got injured in your childhood--or a time when you cared for someone who got hurt. Who cared for you? Give them a call today and say thanks! If you are the caregiver, give a call to those you care for to just say "hey."

And the biggest moral to learn here:

"Never, ever, repel off couches."

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chick Magnet--Who Me?

So on our walk last night a young, scantily clad, woman smiles at me in front of a Woodside bar. She looks at dad and says, "So do you think that's a chick magnet?"

Now Dad is thinking lots of stuff at this point. The first of which is undoubtedly that I clearly am a chick magnet. I mean, let's face it, I'm a cute dog. It's a gift.

Next he thinks that he's just been insulted. As if scantily clad women never talked to him before I came along. Um, that's kinda true, Dad. I hate to break it to you. Dad said he came close to saying: "Well, you're talking to me, aren't you?"

But Dad who obviously landed mom with his wit, snapped back quickly with this great, great line: "I dunno. You can go and ask my wife."

That made not only her but almost everyone on the corner laugh pretty hard.

So maybe Dad didn't need me to pick up chicks after all and let's face facts once again....

Mom is beautiful. (That's her with me on the right!) Dad did really well and everyone wonders how he got such a beautiful woman to marry him. His answer: "I dunno, maybe she lost a bet or something!"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Will I See My Human in Heaven?

That's obviously a question that I can't answer. Only God knows if Dad and Mom merit heaven ( probably does, Dad's gonna have a problem).

But there's a great new book that could only be made better by having a Chihuahua on the cover: Will I See My Dog in Heaven? by Friar Jack Wintz (Paraclete Press).

Now hearing the title makes us think of fluffy clouds and dogs playing fetch with Jesus and Mary and such silly things. But the question is much larger. Are animals part of God's plan of salvation? Will animals be included in the divine vision when God makes all things new again (therein lies the answer--all things!).

This book is really about creation theology, something that lies at the heart of Franciscan theology. It's also a bit eschatological (look at me with the big words!) meaning it talks about the "last things" what comes at the end of time. If God created all the animals and they were as Genesis tells us very good--then why would they be absent from the divine plan later?

Friar Jack sprinkles solid theology, scripture references and good old fashioned story telling in this book to provide something that is so not saccharine. God has cared for creation--all creation--for eternity. We see that in all kinds of scripture stories, especially in the creation myths when everything was perfect--a foretaste of what we now hope to recapture: Paradise regained. And guess what? Animals were there.

So while Dad might be made in God's image. And while his soul (tarnished though it be!) is different from mine (if I even have one!?) that's irrelevant to whether I'll be in heaven or not. If God wills all of creation to join together in the afterlife than that is what will happen--and it will be harmonious. The Lion lies down with the lamb (heck, I'd pay good money to see that and I'm sure the Discovery Channel would get great ratings if they had that footage!) is part of that vision--hello! They are animals! Friar Jack uses this imagery to discuss the possibility of animals being present in God's plan for eternal salvation and it really makes you think about how we often don't value all of creation.

So I know in my heart as does Dad, my best friend, that we will always be together. Dad knows that I have a great spirit, one that licks his bald head and bounds happily whenever I hear the words "food" or "treat!" He senses my intelligence and knows what I fear. He sees that I am forgiving when he steps on my paw or when he ignores me when I want to play and he's grumpy. Most of all, he knows that I miss him terribly when he is away and even when he is at work for just a few hours a day. So there is more to me than just a ball of fur!

Friar Jack gets this idea. You'll read stories of special pets in his life and how they have revealed a bit of God to him and you'll find great traditional prayers that show God's creation in all of it's glory!

I give it two paws up!

The only way to spend a weekend

Snug as a dog in a rug--the only thing missing is mom or dad to cuddle with me!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Doggy Mommy's Day

So my human Mom and Dad don't have any human kids, but they have me! And they never let me forget how thankful they are to have me. After all, they feed me good food, cold water, great treats and I get all the belly rubs you could ever ask for!

Today I'm particularly grateful to Mom though. Having a dog probably wasn't in her mind when she married Dad. She grew up in a home that didn't really think dogs should be in a home. I think it's the yuck factor. After all, sometimes I pee in places I'm not supposed to (although that's rare these days--I've been good!), spill water from my bowl or scratch up furniture. I bark too loud and generally get upset when Mom or Dad are busy and don't have time to play with me. So Mom's family might have been smarter than we think.

But Mom now knows better. She never lets me forget that I have brought a lot of love into this home. I never expected that I would or could be the cause of so much love being given to others. Mom tells me that I remind her of 4 very simple rules that I live by and yet they all surround my Mom:

1) Be happy to be part of a family and show that to Mom especially:
I lick both Mom and Dad (but especially Dad because he's got a bald head--so more surface area to lick!) to show them that I've accepted them as part of my pack. In fact they are the pack leaders! Sometimes I think I forget to show Mom as much affection as I do Dad because I usually look to him to be the pack leader. So today I've been extra good and been snuggling with Mom and plan to do that each and every day now when we're alone.

2) Rejoice each time I see someone I love:
When I hear the click of the lock or the sound of Mom's voice or my crate door open in the morning, I make sure I get so excited. Not only does my tail wag but my whole backside shimmies from side to side. I love being with Mom and I hope she knows that.

3) A meal is a beautiful thing:
Every time Mom says "food" or "treat" you'd think that I was just elected Puppy Pope. I jump into the air with my paws scrambling because I know that Mom loves me so much that she feeds me and takes such good care of me. How could you not rejoice at that?

4) Happiness is a warm Mommy:
I get so happy when Mom and I just curl up together on the couch at the end of a long day. Even more so, when Dad goes away on business I miss him and Mom takes pity on me and lets me sleep in her bed. It's nice and warm there and us Chihuahuas love that. I curl right up behind her legs and wait for the morning sun to rise and then it's the excitement of a brand new day where I can begin the day with a great big kiss to my Mom. What a great way to start each day--SLURP!

I hope that you can take some time today to go and give your Mom a great big wet sloppy kiss and to do something special for her. After all, Mom's go through a lot to bring all of us into the world. I know my doggy mommy wanted what's best for me--even though I think they separated us too soon--and I miss her. But I ended up in the best place I could imagine with human parents that love me.

So here's to my Mom--I raise my water dish to you today, Mommy. I know I mess up your house, I know I'm not always the best dog, I know sometimes I try your patience, but you have been the greatest Mom. Thanks for giving me to Dad for his birthday that year and for letting a Dog like me, come into your home when you weren't really used to us Dogs being in your home. You saved me from the shelter and it was YOU that had to convince Dad that I was the right Dog for your family.

For that, I will be forever wagging my tail. I love you, Mom.

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lab Mix Saves Couple from Mountain Lion

From The Starting Point on yahoo which I read every day!

Readers were interested in this AP story about a mountain lion attack in California. The 120-pound animal reportedly charged a couple hiking in the Cleveland National Forest on Tuesday, and severely mauled their dog when he came to their defense. Hoagie, a 5-year-old black Labrador mix, was rushed to a veterinary hospital for surgery after the attack. Doctors say he's expected to survive.

Way to go Lab Mix guy! We're pulling for you but that's the loyalty of a good dog. Notice the humans didn't throw themselves at the lion in order to save their dog, I might add.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Even I was on Steriods

With the change in the seasons, I often goose honk because I have asthma. So I take a steriod from time to time to relieve me of the issue. However, I didn't use it to bulk up as this picture might suggest.

I think that most pro baseball players were on the juice at some point. As a huge sports fan, I think it taints the game--who can watch anymore without thinking about it?