Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

I'm 3 years old today and have spent the first hour snuggling with a sleepy mommy on the couch. Since 3 is really 21 in human years I guess that means I'm legal for anything in all 50 states now! So watch out world--you ain't seen nothing yet!

Dad got me a Jets football jersey for my birthday with #1 on it and my name. He has a white version as well. I got it early but we wore it tonight to celebrate.

Tonight I get a hamburger dinner as a special treat!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I miss Dad!

Dad's back on the road for the first time in awhile in Fresno to be exact. It's only two days but I'm suffering from separation anxiety.

I hope that soon we'll be able to take more pics like this one. and dad's friend Jonathan took this picture and a bunch of other ones that we;ve now gotten framed andnwill leep the digital files too for this blog. Mom took him and his girl Mare to dinner and had a great time.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Do Dogs Go to Heaven: Catholics vs. Presbyterians

Dad can't figure out how to make this picture appear bigger here---so just click on it and it will become more easily readable. I have to say that whether or not I have a soul doesn't really matter to me. I think God will let me be with Mom and Dad as a souled or a non-souled animal in heaven because I am part of God's creation. Can't souls play with dogs too?

Regardless, the Catholics have a much better sense of humor than the Presbyterians do!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Blessing of the Animals 2008

It's the feast day of St. Francis and that means that churches do the Blessing of the Animals all over the world. So mom and dad took me to the parish garden and Fr Girard the cool new associate pastor at St. Sebastian's in Woodside, Queens gave me a nice sprinkling with dad today.

I hope that we dogs can pray (in whatever way we dogs do) to St Francis to protect all dogs who may be victims of abuse--especially for those caught in dog fighting rings--or neglect. I also pray in thankgiving for mom and dad who rescued me from the shelter. Adopt a pet today.

Ok,ok...I'll even pray for cats. Even if they are dumb.

Dad reminds me too that St. Francis was a man not merely of peace but of radical poverty. He renounced all his father's riches and even stripped naked in the town square and said to his father that he needed nothing from him--that all he needed was Jesus--much to his father's objections.

That's a big difference from the guy we usually see sitting in the garden peacfully with the animals. Truth be told, Francis was the one who could quiet the animals because of his peaceful nature and he did so because they were making too much noise at mass!

So we remember St. Francis and we need to hear his words of peace today:

Friday, October 3, 2008

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

We got to preview the movie the other night and it was just as cute as I thought it would be. Actually to be honest, I liked the movie but it had its moments of superficiality too. The story revolves around a spoiled brat chihuahua (voiced delightfully by Drew Barrymore) named Chloe (Hey Mom and Dad how come there aren't any Harry Winston diamonds around MY neck--Where's the bling man?) who gets lost while visiting Mexico with her dog sitter (Piper Parabo-who if she wasn't so hot would be a serious waste of oxygen). Jaime Lee Curtis does a great job of playing the spoiled brat's owner and she resonates with every sterotypical trait of the crazy dog ladies we all know.

Two other dogs steal the show. George Lopez is the voice of Papi who looks a lot like me (judge for yourself below) and he helps the local landscaper dig holes. Meanwhile a street wise former police dog (Andy Garcia) does all he can to keep Chloe safe from the clutches of those who are in the dog fighting world.

Here is PAPI

And Me...I coulda been a star!

The movie will teach young people about friendship and sacrifice for on'e friends. as well as give them a few laughs.

All in all not a bad way to spend an evening. More for the kiddies than the adults the voices of Barrymore and Lopez are the real stars. Go and find your inner bark.