Monday, April 28, 2008

Dad's Home!

Oooooh I'm so happy! Dad came home last night! He was away from me for more than a week. I was jumping up and down like a maddog until he picked me up and then I licked his whole face. I hope he doesn't go away like that for a long time again.

I don't understand all the travelling you humans do--and all the moving. I detest moving from place to place. I know the little warm spots in my house that I can curl up in and hate having to go somewhere else when I have familar smells so conveinently located right in my own home!

The good news is that Dad is home--so I was able to go on a nice long walk with him last night. We caught up on things and he had a nice time on his trip where he got to spend some time with his friend Fr. Rick who now lives in Toronto. Other than that the walk was pretty uneventful. There was a huge group of young folks at The Dugout (pictured left)last night--an Irish bar we pass--but the knucklehead factor was really high so we didn't talk to anybody, nor did anyone think I was cute. A cab driver stopped and wanted to pet me and dad let him. Now I'm stopping cabs! I'm the man--let's face it.

Dad kept telling me and mom that he missed me so much. He's home for a few weeks now--so all should be well. And I can blog from his computer rather easily. We curled up on the couch together for a long time and he even let me sleep in the bed last night too. I've never felt so loved!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mom's Home!

Mom came home for me! Yay! She found me tired and scared because I was alone but I jumped in arms and licked her face non-stop! We sat down on the couch for a long time and I was able to curl up with her.

I like it when dad's away because mom lets me sleep in her bed instead of my crate. Not that the crate is bad, it's very cave like, but I'm more inclined to be nice and warm in a bed.

Dad'll be home soon. He knocked one out of the park with his two presentations at the Emerging Models of Pastoral Ministry Conference. Now he's off to Toronto to do a day with the Archdiocese on Young Adult Ministry.

Come home soon dad--I need someone to watch ESPN with.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Aunt Jill

So Mom and Dad are away for the weekend in Orlando(it's their 6 year anniversary!) and Aunt Jill, dad's co-worker is sitting for me. She misses her dog at home so I'm hoping to be a fun playmate for her.

So far so good, she gets my routine. Feed me and let me sit on your lap. What's to know? I'm an easy guy to please. (I got to chow down as soon as she got home--Mom and Dad, take as long as you want on this vacation--Aunt Jill rules!)

So Aunt Jill not only is fun to be with but she's funny and thoughtful and sent these pics from her phone to dad so he wouldn't miss me! (Sniff) Dad called and was so happy! Hope you and Mom are having fun, Dad!

Mom comes back late Monday night but dad's off to Toronto from Orlando to do a gig with the fine folks at the Archdiocese of Toronto. He's missed all the hub-bub with the Pope here in NY. But he'll get to see the Pope in Sydney, Australia for World Youth Day--unfortunately that means dad will be away from me for 14 days. Why does he have to go away so much? Doesn't he know I just want him to stay home and play all day? He's nice when he stays home and works at home sometimes and I get to sit on his lap while he types on his laptop.

What does the Pope and dad have in common? The Pope's cat, Chico, is also an author. He wrote a book called Joseph and Chico about the Pope's life.

While cats are dumb, I make an exception for this cat--who has written a delightful children's book. A nice first communion gift for anyone! I have to keep pace--this blog is cool but a book is my new challenge!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Watch out behind you

So mom was walking me last night and some guy is walking backwards and mom tries to avoid him and he ends up stepping on my paw. A 200lb guy on my little chiahuahua paw is not fun and I yelped loudly, causing this moron to say to mom:

"You've got to take better care of your dog."

How about this one?

"You've got to walk like a normal person and stay aware of your surroundings."

Idiot. For the record my paw is fine.

Aunt Jill

I've got a new dog sitter! Aunt Barbara has gotten two stupid cats now so I can't go to Camp Healy anymore but Aunt Jill works with Dad and she really loves dogs so she'll be taking care of me while Mom and Dad go away for a long weekend in a few weeks to Orlando. YAY! Perhaps Aunt Barbara missed the sign that I have clearly posted here on my blog.

Sicker than a Dog

Haven't been able to post in some time because Daddy took me for a walk and saw that I was peeing blood. Being the good dad that he is, he rushed me to the animal hospital (it was Sunday and the vet wasn't in) and discovered that I had an infection.

The vet was great--Dr. Amanda Higman over at the Animal hospital on 62nd and York Ave in Manhattan. You could tell she was having a tough day but I think I was able to brighten it again. She looked a bit harried when she came in and then she took me from dad to get some urine drawn (Ouch! She had to poke me in the bladder with a needle!) and an xray. When she returned she was all smiles and I had gone from being cradled in her arms to being held much closer and tighter up by her face.

Dr. Higman: (in an excited tone) He was soooo good! So well behaved! What a good dog!

I know how to charm all the cuties! Dad just looks at me and gets upset that he never had a wingman as good as me when he was single.

We left to go an pay the check and dad nearly dropped me when they told him the bill. The cashier said:

"Don't drop him. That'll cost you ANOTHER $400."

Anyway....things are good back at Casa de Haze. I am fine on my anti-biotics and am back to moderately good health. My asthma has also improved and I even don't bark at other dogs as much.

Mommy is taking good care of me this week as dad is in Houston at a conference selling his book and giving some talks. I miss dad and hope he comes home soon. Mom puts the cell phone up to my ear so dad can talk to me and I get confused and bark and run to the door--but once I realize that dad isn't at the door I return to the phone with mom and she lets dad talk to me and tell me how much he misses me and mom and then I give the cell phone a kiss and hope that dad can feel it through the fiber optics to his bald head.

He's back in another day or so and I'm going to lick his face so much when he gets home. Maybe he'll even bring me a new toy from Houston!