Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Memorial" Day

by Haze the Dog

Mom and Dad took me to Long Island to see the parents of Dad's college roommate who live out there. Dad knew that Lorraine, his roomie's mom would love me because they used to have a tiny dog named Jingles who was a Peekinese (which we all know isn't as nice as a Chihuahua, but is still cute and cuddly). In fact, it was because his college roommate, Dave, had a dog that Dad always wanted one. He was always playing with Jingles when he visted Dave and saw how loyal Jingles was to Dave.

Dad was a little sad on the way home because his college roommate, Dave had died about 12 years ago and he was remembering him with Mom on our walk that night. I don't think I've ever seen Dad cry before but folks tell me that it's a pretty regular thing with dad when something touches his heart. Dave must've been a great guy for Dad to miss him so much. I felt bad for dad so I licked his face for an extra long time when we got home--it wasn't just because tears taste good--really!

Dad's other friend Artie (the one-man party) drove us home which was nice of him and I sat in the back seat with mom snuggled up in my knapsack.

It indeed was a special "memorial day."

Thanks Mom and Dad for sharing so much with me.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The dreaded water pistol

BY Haze the Dog

The vet suggested that mom and dad get a water pistol to disipline me when I bark too much at night. I hate to say this but it's working. I don't like being wet and dad's a pretty good shot with it. The good news is that it doesn't hurt me, it only makes me wish I hadn't opened my big mouth at the poodle next door.

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Vet

by Haze the Dog

So I went to see Dr. Walsh our vet and my report came back with flying colors. No worms, no bad diseases and good samples. She even gave me some doggie biscuits.

I didn't like it when she took my temperature but I was OK with the shot she had to give me. I have a bit of a goose honking cough sometimes so she put me on an antihystimine which dad gives me with a piece of ham or turkey. It seems to be working.

Dr. Walsh is right around the corner from Dad's office so I get to go on a fun trip and spend the day at work with dad. Yay! New adventures! Dad likes having me around except when I knock the plug out of his wireless connection to the internet!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Strolling the Neighborhood


Here I am with Mom and Dad...we needed to take a "family portrait" and it was so nice out that we stopped outside and stood by a tree I like. You can see how tiny I really am here all gobbled up in daddy's arms.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Dad at a Wedding with Mom

by Haze the Dog

Dad and Mom left me with Aunt Kristin on Friday so they could attend a wedding for their friend Lisa. Lisa was part of dad's great retreat ministry.

How sweet is Lisa? She asked dad to design her unity candle ceremony and to lead it at her reception. Her church wouldn't do the ceremony at the church during their formal wedding--so they kicked off the reception with it. She even gave dad a cool gift for doing so. Mom was so proud of Dad.

I am saying my doggie prayers for Lisa and her new husband Corey today.

Friday, May 4, 2007

I'm obviously a chick magnet

By Haze the Dog

Some of the hottest chicks have been coming up to me randomly to tell me how cute I am. They like me, they really like me. Dad's got to be wondering where I was when he was single. But he really loves mom --she's a hottie too!

I really love people--and the more the merrier. I mean what's not to like about people? They feed me, pet me and let me lick their face.

For example, even Dad lets me do what I want. Today I jumped on dad's lap climbed up his shoulder and began to lick his bald head.
Yum--I love a sweaty summer day---dad's head tastes great and I licked his chrome dome for 20 minutes while dad watched Lost. He didn't seem to mind much as you can see.

Making Dad Mad


So I decided to pee in the house today (I mean it seemed like an OK thing to do after Auntie Grace let me pee on her couch). Dad's getting annoyed and I think he's going to confine me with the paper towels Mom uses to clean my urine up.

He did smile at me and say that he was going to forget about it. They've been leaving me alone too much so I've been scared. Don't they know that I just want them to spend time with me.

Dad was cool and came out at 5AM this morning when he heard me whimper and bark once and he snuggled with me on the couch for a few hours.

Unfortunately, Dad's friend Lisa is getting married tomorrow so I'll be left with Aunt Kristen for the night. She's coming here and I'm looking forward to it.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Auntie Grace and some time away


Dad had a speaking engagement in Chicago so they asked Auntie Grace to take me for the weekend. Mom went with Dad and they made a wonderful side trip to see Aunt Laura, UNcle Dan and Aunt Vera (who are my real relatives!)in Milwaukee.

Dad knocked one out of the park with his response to the keynote spoeaker at Chicago's Young Adult Ministry Conference and he gave an outstanding workshop too.

I was scared and nervous at first after dad brought me to Grace's apartment. Her place is a lot smaller and I felt very confined. Unfortunately, I got too scared and I pee-peed on her couch. She didn't mind but Dad was embarrassed as was I. Auntie Grace was kind enough to take me back home and spend the weekend in my own home with me. She's a cool chick! We had a great time after that.