Monday, January 14, 2008

X marks the Pinstripes

So dad got a nice new suit from mom for Christmas---double breasted, navy looked hot as he and mom went off to the wedding of their friends Joe and Tatiara.

Cary, a good friend dog-sat for me. He was fun and took good care of me while they were at the wedding. Mom and Dad were gone all day and it really doesn't matter who they leave me with--I get uncomfortable with the idea of them being gone for so long.

So when they returned at 10PM after being gone for the day..I saw the opportunity to make a bold statement. I heard the click of the lock in the door...BARKBARKBARKBARK...which is dog for "those rotten SOBs are home after leaving me all day to have their fun without me." Cary sprang into action sensing that I was off to jump into dad's arms and get dog hair all over that new suit! Dad was smart enough--wearing a nice overcoat to hide the suit but Cary foiled my plans anyway--picking me up before Dad could come near me.

So Dad missed me too! He's so nice. So he ran into the bedroom to change his clothes so he could take me for a quick walk. He placed that great suit on a hanger to keep it nice and neat. He then made the crucial error! He placed the hanger on the door knob of the closet instead of in the closet.

I saw the opportunity immediately. I sprang across the bedroom floor getting near the closet and while dad's back was turned I lifted my leg and aimed for the botton jacket pocket and bingo---X marks the pinstripes.

Dad heard the sound of what he thought was water running when he caught me! He let out a yell that you could hear in Tokyo! And off I ran! I knew I was in big trouble.

Fortunately for Dad (and me) the dry cleaner was able to save the day. Dad's forgotten about the incident (it seems he can't stay mad at me for very long) now and all is well again.

The moral of the story:

Don't leave a dog with a stranger all day and come home in your good suit.

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