Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Hate the 4th of July

It's not that I'm not patriotic or anything...

Bu the noise of fireworks hurts my ears, especially when I went outside with Dad to poop and people were setting fireworks off in the park. Yikes! That was not good. Especially the dope who set one off pretty close to me. Dope.

We got back inside quickly and I was still annoyed by the noise but dad put the air conditioner on high and raised the TV volume to drown out the noise and more importantly he kept me near him and petted me all night to make me feel more secure. So it all turned out OK from where I sit.

I'm hoping that some new tradition might show itself in a way that we can celebrate our country's birthday with flair but less noise.

I'm not alone when it comes to my hatred of fireworks. This article tells us a bit more about why dogs should be kept away from fireworks.

For many dogs, the first “Wheee!” of a rocket they hear sends them under the bed, quivering from nose to tail. They make a sorry sight, and it’s important to keep them indoors away from those gangs of boys, who might find it very amusing to taunt a terrified dog with fireworks.

You have to remember that a dog’s hearing is so very much more sensitive than ours. Take the Border Collie for instance. He’s been bred to hear a sheep sneeze halfway up a mountainside, then to hear his master’s whistles and commands when he gets up there to find her.

How about flag waving? That's pretty quiet and it makes a nice breeze.

Speaking of which, check out Ginny Moyer's article on just that subject on BustedHalo.

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St Edwards Blog said...

My dog Gracie hates the noise too. She is glad the holiday is over.

You have a blog. Gracie has a facebook page. Maybe she can "friend" your dad or he can friend her. Her last name is not that hard to find!!