Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mom isn't sick! Yay!

So mom and dad have been worried because the doctor found something wrong on mom's recent mammogram, but today they found out that everything is fine! Yay! I was so happy I had to do something like this:

Finding all those bunnies in New York City was pure hell! But it was worth it for mom! Yay mom!


Victoria Mildew said...

Hello, Hayes

That is really Good news for you, Dad and Mom.

All of you must have been really worried about her and thank God she is well.

Make sure Mom takes it easy though and say hello to her from me.

Snoopy (the greatest dog on earth; oops after you, of course!!) and the Bunnies have made me smile this morning (9am UK time) so Bless you for that, too.

Carry on Blogging, little Guy!!




St Edwards Blog said...

Best news ever!!

Whoo hooo!!!!

God bless you all - Mom, Dad and Haze!