Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dog Bigots

My co-op has erected these signs all around the perimiter of the buildings that are part of the co-op. The funny thing is that dogs ARE allowed in the building--obviously--I live here. In fact you can have two dogs. Mom and Dad are smart in only having me---one, because I don't like other dogs and two, because I'm more than enough for anyone.

But this really makes me growl. No Dogs Allowed! How do you think that makes me feel? Dad and I took this picture near the sign. We took it with a camera phone so it's a little blurry and you can't tell, but I'm giving the sign the middle claw.

I also took a nice long pee on it when I was done.

My guess is that they don't want any non-resident dogs pooping and peeing in the grass--but then shouldn't the sign say "No dogs on the grass?" Or even "curb your dog." To make matters even more fuzzy, Dad had asked the co-op board if it was Ok for us to walk there long ago and they said "Sure as long as you pick up after your dog it is fine."

This is an outrage I tell you! We dogs have rights and I get really p-o'd when someone tells me I can pee somewhere one day and then, I can't the next.

I'm going to go to their house with a sign that says, "No idiots allowed" and paste it on the management company's door. Then again if I did that they'd have no employees left.

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