Thursday, May 29, 2008

How much do I love my Daddy?

Just watch:

The best part of the video is when Dad changes channels like this is the normal state of affairs in our home. Well, it kinda is, this happens every night in our house. Dad thinks it's because he wears a baseball hat and it makes his head sweaty and therefore it tastes good but that doesn't explain why I like licking his face too! I give mommy kisses too but not like I kiss dad! It's a good thing that Dad kind of likes this. Mom has started to say that I get more action than she does. Which isn't true! I don't know anyone who is a more devoted husband than dad is to mom

Oh well...who knows why I do this? Daddy saved me from the shelter so perhaps it's me feeling indebited? Or maybe I have dad issues since mine just wasn't around? Maybe it's because I hate other dogs and instead choose to pour more affection on humans?

Is there a doggie therapist in the house?

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