Monday, October 6, 2008

Do Dogs Go to Heaven: Catholics vs. Presbyterians

Dad can't figure out how to make this picture appear bigger here---so just click on it and it will become more easily readable. I have to say that whether or not I have a soul doesn't really matter to me. I think God will let me be with Mom and Dad as a souled or a non-souled animal in heaven because I am part of God's creation. Can't souls play with dogs too?

Regardless, the Catholics have a much better sense of humor than the Presbyterians do!


Jim said...

On behalf of all Protestants everywhere, I’d like to apologize for the Presbyterians decided lack of a sense of humor

Briana said...

So Haze, your dad called me out on being "behind the times" because I just saw this in an e-mail yesterday. Regardless of my timeliness, I think it's amusing and I fully support God's willingness to let any member of his creation into heaven. :)