Sunday, June 14, 2009

Subway travel

That's me playing peekaboo on the subway ride to see Mom's great friend Dawn. It was a nice day even with the rain. We spent it in our friend Eric's apartment eating and talking which is how I like to hang out with friends best. I even got some turkey! Mmmmm...human food.

I can't believe that the NYC transit authority makes me travel in a bag! Don't they trust me enough that I won't pee on things?

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St Edwards Blog said...

Haze, to go!

Listen Haze, once I was on an express train, forget which lne now, with a LONG run between stations, on a train headed uptown. I was standing at the door, with my back to the door. There was a guy standing next to me, holding what appeared to be a gym bag facing the same way as me.

There were two women standing across from us. They were looking in our direction and they had this most horrified look on their faces and it was getting worse.

Frankly, and not to be unseemly Haze, but I had to wonder... was this guy showing something private? I mean these women looked FREAKED out with a capital FREAK. I grew very nervous.

The women made eye contact with me and without words indicated that I should have a look.

Trying to be cool and not obvious, my eyes slowly began to gaze to my left and down.

What did I see?

No - I only wish it was your cute little face poking out of a bag.

No Haze - it was a snake, slowly coiling its head out of the bag, no less than 3 inches from me! A coiled and icky looking snake. On the subway no less and right by me. I was horrified. And a little afraid!

Thank God, the train screeched to its stop and even though that was not where I was going, I got off quickly.