Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Buffalo! Break Out the Sweaters

So Mom and Dad and I are going to move to Buffalo. What part of "I'm a chihuahua, a warm-weather dog that can't control his own body temperature" don't you understand?

Oh well sweater donations are suggested and accepted! Nothing too Perry Como though.

And wait, Dad's new boss has two English Sheepdogs?! Oh man, this is gonna be a freakin nightmare.

What's that? Oh it's a campus ministry job that dad has taken! So that means cute 19 year old women who will undoubtedly think I'm adorable. OK I can see an upside now.

Anyway, congrats on the new job Dad. He'll be the best Campus Minister that SUNY Buffalo has ever seen.

What's that? SUNY Buffalo is in the top 20 party schools as reported by Princeton Review?

Well break out the funnel and call me Spuds McKensie!


Fran said...

Oh Haze, the snow will be deeper than you are tall!!!

However, you will be gazed at lovingly by all your new friends and between their attention and your own personality, the snow will melt in pools around you!

Well, sort of.

And sweater? I see more of a puffy-down-jacket kind of thing!

Victoria Mildew said...

Hey, Little Guy

You will be admired and loved by all your new friends (even the Old English Sheep dogs!)

As for sweaters, what's wrong with a Perry Como type one? After all you will be able to croon to those lovely ladies.... "Hot diggity Dog diggity"

You must let us see you in your new sweater - cerise with white snowflakes, perhaps?

Anyway, hope the move is not too traumatic for all of you.

Here in Manchester, it's clear blue sky, the sun's out and my feline friend is sleeping soundly.

Have a Blessed day,

Love to Mom and Dad too


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