Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thanks Uncle Paul

Uncle Paul came and sat for me while Mom and Dad took a trip to Buffalo. We had fun and I didn't die which was Uncle Paul's only order of business.

We watched some movies and just generally hung out. I woke him up at some God-awful hour just like I do to Dad every day. Dad needs a lot more beauty sleep than Uncle Paul so I figured it was OK and he didn't seem to mind.

And now I'm a fan of his blog too. So check him out!


Fran said...

So all worked out OK, I was kind of worried... Not about you, Hayes!

I think Uncle Paul will recover from the lack of sleep. I also think that this will make Uncle Paul put off getting a dog right now.

Thanks for the update. Hands down, you are my favorite chihuahua, in fact, you have kind of turned my attitude around. That's your role in transforming the world!

Paul said...

You're welcome, Haze Hayes!

I had a good time chillaxin with you.

Also had a good time checking out 'hood -- esp. going to Mass at St. Sebastian's. What a great parish!

Victoria Mildew said...

You are one lucky little guy!

I hope Uncle Paul took you to St. Sebastian's or perhaps chihuahuas aren't seen at Church.

I will check out his "blog" over the week end.

Thanks little guy for making me smile and think.

It's 11.03pm (UK BST) so time for bed.

Good night, God bless and lots of love to you, Mom, Dad and Uncle Paul