Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Memorial" Day

by Haze the Dog

Mom and Dad took me to Long Island to see the parents of Dad's college roommate who live out there. Dad knew that Lorraine, his roomie's mom would love me because they used to have a tiny dog named Jingles who was a Peekinese (which we all know isn't as nice as a Chihuahua, but is still cute and cuddly). In fact, it was because his college roommate, Dave, had a dog that Dad always wanted one. He was always playing with Jingles when he visted Dave and saw how loyal Jingles was to Dave.

Dad was a little sad on the way home because his college roommate, Dave had died about 12 years ago and he was remembering him with Mom on our walk that night. I don't think I've ever seen Dad cry before but folks tell me that it's a pretty regular thing with dad when something touches his heart. Dave must've been a great guy for Dad to miss him so much. I felt bad for dad so I licked his face for an extra long time when we got home--it wasn't just because tears taste good--really!

Dad's other friend Artie (the one-man party) drove us home which was nice of him and I sat in the back seat with mom snuggled up in my knapsack.

It indeed was a special "memorial day."

Thanks Mom and Dad for sharing so much with me.

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