Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Auntie Grace and some time away


Dad had a speaking engagement in Chicago so they asked Auntie Grace to take me for the weekend. Mom went with Dad and they made a wonderful side trip to see Aunt Laura, UNcle Dan and Aunt Vera (who are my real relatives!)in Milwaukee.

Dad knocked one out of the park with his response to the keynote spoeaker at Chicago's Young Adult Ministry Conference and he gave an outstanding workshop too.

I was scared and nervous at first after dad brought me to Grace's apartment. Her place is a lot smaller and I felt very confined. Unfortunately, I got too scared and I pee-peed on her couch. She didn't mind but Dad was embarrassed as was I. Auntie Grace was kind enough to take me back home and spend the weekend in my own home with me. She's a cool chick! We had a great time after that.

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