Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sicker than a Dog

Haven't been able to post in some time because Daddy took me for a walk and saw that I was peeing blood. Being the good dad that he is, he rushed me to the animal hospital (it was Sunday and the vet wasn't in) and discovered that I had an infection.

The vet was great--Dr. Amanda Higman over at the Animal hospital on 62nd and York Ave in Manhattan. You could tell she was having a tough day but I think I was able to brighten it again. She looked a bit harried when she came in and then she took me from dad to get some urine drawn (Ouch! She had to poke me in the bladder with a needle!) and an xray. When she returned she was all smiles and I had gone from being cradled in her arms to being held much closer and tighter up by her face.

Dr. Higman: (in an excited tone) He was soooo good! So well behaved! What a good dog!

I know how to charm all the cuties! Dad just looks at me and gets upset that he never had a wingman as good as me when he was single.

We left to go an pay the check and dad nearly dropped me when they told him the bill. The cashier said:

"Don't drop him. That'll cost you ANOTHER $400."

Anyway....things are good back at Casa de Haze. I am fine on my anti-biotics and am back to moderately good health. My asthma has also improved and I even don't bark at other dogs as much.

Mommy is taking good care of me this week as dad is in Houston at a conference selling his book and giving some talks. I miss dad and hope he comes home soon. Mom puts the cell phone up to my ear so dad can talk to me and I get confused and bark and run to the door--but once I realize that dad isn't at the door I return to the phone with mom and she lets dad talk to me and tell me how much he misses me and mom and then I give the cell phone a kiss and hope that dad can feel it through the fiber optics to his bald head.

He's back in another day or so and I'm going to lick his face so much when he gets home. Maybe he'll even bring me a new toy from Houston!

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