Saturday, April 19, 2008

Aunt Jill

So Mom and Dad are away for the weekend in Orlando(it's their 6 year anniversary!) and Aunt Jill, dad's co-worker is sitting for me. She misses her dog at home so I'm hoping to be a fun playmate for her.

So far so good, she gets my routine. Feed me and let me sit on your lap. What's to know? I'm an easy guy to please. (I got to chow down as soon as she got home--Mom and Dad, take as long as you want on this vacation--Aunt Jill rules!)

So Aunt Jill not only is fun to be with but she's funny and thoughtful and sent these pics from her phone to dad so he wouldn't miss me! (Sniff) Dad called and was so happy! Hope you and Mom are having fun, Dad!

Mom comes back late Monday night but dad's off to Toronto from Orlando to do a gig with the fine folks at the Archdiocese of Toronto. He's missed all the hub-bub with the Pope here in NY. But he'll get to see the Pope in Sydney, Australia for World Youth Day--unfortunately that means dad will be away from me for 14 days. Why does he have to go away so much? Doesn't he know I just want him to stay home and play all day? He's nice when he stays home and works at home sometimes and I get to sit on his lap while he types on his laptop.

What does the Pope and dad have in common? The Pope's cat, Chico, is also an author. He wrote a book called Joseph and Chico about the Pope's life.

While cats are dumb, I make an exception for this cat--who has written a delightful children's book. A nice first communion gift for anyone! I have to keep pace--this blog is cool but a book is my new challenge!


Jill said...


Yes, Haze, I have to agree that cats are dumb. This is why you need to write a book---to make it unequivocally clear that dogs rule and cats drool.

Hey, you're sitting on my lap as I type this!

god googler said...

Thanks Aunt Jill...for taking such good care of me. I read your blog too!