Monday, July 7, 2008

Monkey gonads are always a fun topic

So Dad began to tell his good friend Jeff the story of a woman who stopped us on the street and told me that I was a "good specimen" and should be shown (nice compliment but I've been "altered"--so I'm out of any dog competitions).

She told us that she had spent $2500 on a dog and wanted to show him only to find out that a friend who shows dogs told her:

"You can't show that mongrel! He only has one ball."

Naturally the entire car cracked up laughing. Mind you, this woman just met Dad and I on the street. We attract all kinds of people: drunk women, drunk men, crazy old ladies, name it, we've met them! Anyway, Dad continued his story:

"Then she told me that she had a monkey."

Jeff: "Yeah? How many balls did he have?"

Dad told me this story when he got home and I laughed so hard I had to run to my wee-wee pad. So thanks to Jeff for the line of the night and for the umpteenth ride home from the party.

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