Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nobody asked me...

So Dad told me that he went on a bushwalk today and it was like a major hike. He was so winded and tired at the end. Coming back it was about 4:15 and then the folks in charge decided that it would be a good idea to go to the mall for an entire 15 minutes! After a long tiring day my priorities should be the following:

Eat. Poop. Sleep.

And in that order. Going out to poop might not even be neccessary (Thank God for Wee-wee pads).

Now I can't even find and pick out good doggie treats in Petland Discounts in 15 minutes...and wasn't everyone tired anyway? Dad said they woke him up with an annoying microphone to boot and that he wanted to beat the priest that was talking on it with it. And why do religious types insist on praying the rosary on a bus trip? It's fine and all but prayer for dad and I is pretty private with the exception of Mass--which is what I think is awesome and that's the time we should all pray in a ritualistic way...although we like faith sharing with others and retreats as well.

Dad and I do the Examen on our nightly walk--that's not mom's thing but I've been doing it in my crate while dad's away. Here's today's examen for me:

I remind myself that even dogs are always in the presence of God--even if we need humans to remind us of that.

I ask for assistance of the Holy Spirit to allow me to look at my day as God would see it and not as I did.

I rewind my day: The moments that come up for me:

I woke up and licked mom's face to take me out and she did--what a joyful moment! I'm so loved by my mommy.

I barked at a french poodle and mom had to restrain me. I noticed how scared I was when I saw her and I don't know why I get so scared.

I peed on a no dogs allowed sign.

I barked loudly in the house because I wanted a treat.

I snuggled up with mom for about 3 hours--that made me feel warm and secure and i think it did the same for her too.

In my talk with Jesus, I asked him if dogs go to heaven--because if they don't I'm not worrying too much about my sins. He assured me that while humans have souls and are made in God's image, dogs certainly have a place in God's kingdom as creatures made by God for everyone's enjoyment.

So all dogs indeed go to heaven! Horray!

That's a relief for me--because I only live for 20 human years tops and I want to welcome Dad and Mom and the gates of heaven with licks galore! I think Dad, especially will know that this indeed has to be part of paradise!

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