Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nice Morning with Dad

So Dad left me this morning for Australia for 14 days! I miss him already although mom is giving me some extra cuddles and extra time outside. I hope dad has a good time and doesn't leave me for a Dingo or maybe a Koala Bear.

He didn't leave without a long morning of cuddling on the couch and a few treats for good measure. Nice guy that dad is we were able to spend a lot of time together before he left. He even gave me a special treat of sleeping with him and mom in their bed last night.

Dad's attending World Youth Day--since he wrote a chapter about it in his book, he thought he might be able to sell a bunch of book there. He really wants to meet a Koala Bear like John Paul II did (pictured right).

I'm slightly jealous of the Koala bear. He's cute and cuddly like me. But I know dad would choose me over him anytime. (I hope, I hope!) But unlike cats Koalas aren't dumb or weird. So I hope they can show dad a good time.

Mom is a bit scared of him doing the famous Harbour Bridge Climb--which is an amazing view from the top of the bridge. You can climb the lanes on the sides of the bridge and then look over a magnificent vista. Jeff and Beth, Dad's friends, did it and it came highly recommended.

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