Friday, April 10, 2009


I've been such a good boy lately according to dad that I was allowed to take a nap with him on the couch today. Then we watched the Mets game for a little while. Dad decided to do some work and so I crawled into a pillowcase and took a second nap.

It's been nice having Dad home the past two days as he is off for Holy Week. I've become a very submissive dog over the last few weeks. I only come up to the couch when Dad invites me--although sometimes I cheat and go up there when they're not around. Dad is going to start a pheromone treatment called DAP tomorrow to try and make me even calmer. Turns out there's a treatment that gives people the opportunity to spray doggie pheromones on areas or on my harness, etc. What does this do? Well glad you asked...

When I was a puppy my doggie-mommy would secrete these same pheromones and that would make me feel safe. But we think that someone took me away from my mommy too early. While I love my human mommy a lot, she can't make this pheromone. But now she has the opportunity to give me what I need.

This s supposed to make me less nervous when mom and dad leave the house so I won't bark all over the place when they come home or freak out around other dogs.

We'll see. In a clinical trial it worked in 88% of dogs.

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