Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Doggy Mommy's Day

So my human Mom and Dad don't have any human kids, but they have me! And they never let me forget how thankful they are to have me. After all, they feed me good food, cold water, great treats and I get all the belly rubs you could ever ask for!

Today I'm particularly grateful to Mom though. Having a dog probably wasn't in her mind when she married Dad. She grew up in a home that didn't really think dogs should be in a home. I think it's the yuck factor. After all, sometimes I pee in places I'm not supposed to (although that's rare these days--I've been good!), spill water from my bowl or scratch up furniture. I bark too loud and generally get upset when Mom or Dad are busy and don't have time to play with me. So Mom's family might have been smarter than we think.

But Mom now knows better. She never lets me forget that I have brought a lot of love into this home. I never expected that I would or could be the cause of so much love being given to others. Mom tells me that I remind her of 4 very simple rules that I live by and yet they all surround my Mom:

1) Be happy to be part of a family and show that to Mom especially:
I lick both Mom and Dad (but especially Dad because he's got a bald head--so more surface area to lick!) to show them that I've accepted them as part of my pack. In fact they are the pack leaders! Sometimes I think I forget to show Mom as much affection as I do Dad because I usually look to him to be the pack leader. So today I've been extra good and been snuggling with Mom and plan to do that each and every day now when we're alone.

2) Rejoice each time I see someone I love:
When I hear the click of the lock or the sound of Mom's voice or my crate door open in the morning, I make sure I get so excited. Not only does my tail wag but my whole backside shimmies from side to side. I love being with Mom and I hope she knows that.

3) A meal is a beautiful thing:
Every time Mom says "food" or "treat" you'd think that I was just elected Puppy Pope. I jump into the air with my paws scrambling because I know that Mom loves me so much that she feeds me and takes such good care of me. How could you not rejoice at that?

4) Happiness is a warm Mommy:
I get so happy when Mom and I just curl up together on the couch at the end of a long day. Even more so, when Dad goes away on business I miss him and Mom takes pity on me and lets me sleep in her bed. It's nice and warm there and us Chihuahuas love that. I curl right up behind her legs and wait for the morning sun to rise and then it's the excitement of a brand new day where I can begin the day with a great big kiss to my Mom. What a great way to start each day--SLURP!

I hope that you can take some time today to go and give your Mom a great big wet sloppy kiss and to do something special for her. After all, Mom's go through a lot to bring all of us into the world. I know my doggy mommy wanted what's best for me--even though I think they separated us too soon--and I miss her. But I ended up in the best place I could imagine with human parents that love me.

So here's to my Mom--I raise my water dish to you today, Mommy. I know I mess up your house, I know I'm not always the best dog, I know sometimes I try your patience, but you have been the greatest Mom. Thanks for giving me to Dad for his birthday that year and for letting a Dog like me, come into your home when you weren't really used to us Dogs being in your home. You saved me from the shelter and it was YOU that had to convince Dad that I was the right Dog for your family.

For that, I will be forever wagging my tail. I love you, Mom.

Happy Mother's Day!

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