Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I meant to do that...not!

So dad came home and I got so excited to see him that I began bolting around the house. Occasionally I'll throw two paws and repel off the wall, or dad's computer bag, or the couch. Well...I should start to re-think that action. I went to repel off the couch and my paws slid along the couch and I did a twist in the air and landed on the hardwood floor head first. Ouch!

Now I've fallen before and completely shook it off, but this time I landed hard and yelped loudly. The clunk of my head made a huge sound on the floor and both Mom and Dad gasped and came running.

I stood up woozily and I don't think this has ever happened to me before but I let out a little cry. I was really hurting. Dad came up and picked me up in his arms and looked me over. He touched the side of my head and I let out a little cry because it was still a bit sore. But Dad was gentle and eventually I started to feel better. I think I hit my eye on the floor because it was tearing and I had a hard time keeping it open for about 2 or 3 minutes. I looked up at Dad and was so grateful that he was taking care of me that I just had to lick his face to say "thanks." Nothing beats being hugged and cared for by your best friend.

But Dad made me feel more secure and we sat on the couch together and Dad really gave me the once over to make sure I didn't have any broken bones or a concussion. We went out and I seemed OK and I wanted to chase dogs--which is normal for me. So it looks like I'm OK. I was already going to the vet tomorrow afternoon anyway, so I'll get checked out by Dr Walsh tomorrow just to be sure.

But think back today on a time in your own life when you really got injured in your childhood--or a time when you cared for someone who got hurt. Who cared for you? Give them a call today and say thanks! If you are the caregiver, give a call to those you care for to just say "hey."

And the biggest moral to learn here:

"Never, ever, repel off couches."


Victoria Mildew said...

Hi, Haze

Thank you for your lovely "blog" item - and I hope you are ok now.

I've been following your "blog" for a few weeks now and you have made me laugh, made me cry and stop and think.

For one so small, you are certainly full of wisdom, a wise cracking little guy, full of fun (and you are so clever using a laptop - don't your claws get in the way?)

Your Mom and Dad love you very much that's for sure.

I live in the United Kingdom (England) with a "little man" (one of those animals who you don't allow to "post" comments on your blog but please don't hold that against me!

He can email but he hasn't discovered the art of blogging so far.

Keep up the good work, my canine companion - God bless you, your Mom and Dad.

Take care




St Edwards Blog said...

Oh Haze! You made me cry with that big ending. I hope that you are ok after that vet visit!!!

Thanks for touching my heart - today and for any time I read your blog!