Thursday, August 7, 2008

Aunt Gloria

I've been staying with Aunt Gloria--a friend of dad's who he knows from church. Mom and Dad took a week down at the Jersey Shore where I'm not allowed so I got to go and stay with Aunt Glo! I sleep on top of her head which is fun.

I miss Mom and Dad. It seemed like Dad had just gotten home from the land down under and he was gone again. I can't wait until Saturday when they come home and we get to spend their 2nd week of vacation together. No work, no worries---just mom, dad and me.

So I've been a little sick---hence the lack of blogging. I had an upset tummy and I was goose honking again and sneezing. I've got bad allergies and asthma as many of you know(Yes, dogs get asthma). So Dr. Walsh put me on some meds and I seem to be doing better.

Hoping things are going well wherever you may be spending these summer days.

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