Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I think most old people and drunk people are really angry

So the other night dad passed one of the many Irish bars and saw one of the many women who liked me and stopped us recently. She remarked how cute I was to a guy who was with her. He quipped:

"I'd like to boot him in the arse just to see how far he'd go!"

Now I know I'm a little dog that some folks refer to as "puntable." But that just sounded mean. Dad gave him a look but because it's never smart to argue with a drunk, he just moved on.

So today we went walking and I have to admit I was lunging a lot today. I'm not sure why but I just had this urge to pee on every wall and pole in existance. So we got to a corner and I started to lunge towards the corner bar's wall. Dad pulled back. I lunged again. Dad yanked back. Suddenly I see an old man walking towards us right in our path. So I block his way by lunging. Dad pulls back I pull harder. Dad stops me right in the path of this old codger. He gives dad a look like "Aren't you going to pull him away?"

Dad just holds on to me to let him pass but he won't go around me. After a 5 second staredown the guy blinks and walks around me and makes some inaudible comment and then shakes his head like he can't believe what just happened.

Now at this juncture of the day, Dad is cranky. He's had a rough day and was relaxing by walking me for a long time. And I was not making it easy for him to do that. So this guy is the last straw today and he's not going to take this guy lying down.

The following conversation took place:

Dad: (Takes off his sunglasses) "Excuse me, sir...is there a problem?"

Guy: (with heavy accent) "Yeah, there's a problem. Your dog is in my way and I want to pass and you are standing there doing nothing!"

Dad: "Um...not for nothing but, my dog is about 18 inches long. You COULD just walk around him."

Guy: "Oh yeah? (Puffs chest) Well some dogs, you know, they bite."

Dad: "Well he doesn't!"

Guy: "Just remember you were wrong!"

Dad: "Huh? Whatever. (walks away)

What an angry guy! Obviously he doesn't have a dog to love at home and is therefore deprived. I'm sorry I was taking up so much room on the street. Dad was holding me steady so this moron could pass and we could proceed with the peeing on the far wall.

Regardless, I met a lovely little Asian girl later who told her mom that she was going to buy a dog just like me.

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