Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Uncle Paul and Aunt Barb

So Mom and Dad went away for the day for a family beach party (where no dogs were allowed--hmmpf!). So Uncle Paul who has a cool blog himself, came and spent the day with me. We had a fun time, although I played Mr. Lunger and tried to pull him around on our walk. Dad and him had a fun dinner with their friend Kevin in Tarrytown.

Aunt Barbara came over later! Yay! I missed her so much! We played until Mom and Dad came home but I would hide in my crate when she wanted to take me out. Why do I partake in such shenanagans?

Regardless, I feel bad that I never get to see Mom and Dad's nieces and nephews. Everytime they are in town there are no dogs allowed at the place they are going. But hopefully I'll be able to meet them sometime soon. I like both mom and dad's family. Here are some pics of us with both families.

Me with Cousin Marie and her daughter Jessica.

Mom and Me after I got all tired out running at Dad's childhood park.

Dad's family and me.

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