Friday, August 8, 2008

You didn't tell her I was psycho

So Aunt Gloria left me with a friend so she can go back to the office and the friend was charged with walking me. Aunt Glo warned her that I didn't like other dogs or horses and that she should keep me away from them.

So where does she take me? Central Park--cause there are never dogs or horses there.

I go berserk at the first sign of dogs and horses which were, well...everywhere!

She calms me down and then calls Aunt Glo. "You didn't tell me he was PSYCHO."

Aunt Glo just laughs. "Now you know," she said.

OK no offense to anyone...but who's really the psycho? The timid dog, namely ME, or the person who thought that it was a good idea to take me to the park filled with dogs and horses?

I like sleeping in Aunt Glo's bed and she's taking great care of me. I usually fall asleep on her head. My sickness seems to have subsided and I can't wait to see Mom and Dad tomorrow night.

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