Monday, December 8, 2008

Dad's College Roommate Rocks!

Paul T. Daly--one of Dad's college roommates and Houston's favorite son, came to visit the great land of Haze, along with their other roommmate Kevin and Paul's brother, James. They came by the house and we watched the Jets game together. Fun times. Dad feels really refreshed after a day with 3 old friends!

I liked these guys--they didn't mind if I jumped on their laps and Paul even let me give his face a lick! Paul is heading back to Texas and I was a bit disappointed that Kevin's wife Jen didn't come by. She's cool--we'll have to get her to come by another time.

A disappointing day for football--not only did the Jets lose, but the Giants also lost to the hated Eagles. Ugh. The late season collapse for the Jets has arrived and the Giants may have just not shown up today in the frigid cold. Let's hope so for their sake and also hope that the Jets can win out from here on.

Thanks to the guys for coming by and I hope that they can come by again soon.


Paul said...

Disappointing day for football?

You've got to be kidding. The Steelers beat The Cowboys. That's a GREAT day in football!

god googler said...

We're Jets fans in these parts!