Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oh sure, fine...go to Cleveland...see if I care...

Dad is going to Cleveland until Friday and then on Saturday is the family Christmas party (which I'm not invited to) and Sunday he has one of his old college buddies in town. NO TIME FOR HAZE!

Oh sure, when you're all depressed and down it's fine to come running to me--but when I have the holiday blahs you can go off and run away to Cleveland. Fine, I'll be extra good for Mommy so she'll let me sleep in the bed with her and I'll pee on your pillow. We'll see how you like them apples.

Brittany is coming over on Saturday to play so that makes me excited. See Dad, you are easily replaced!

I'm kidding Dad, no Dad, don't cry...I didn't mean it. Really! I'm just going to miss you when you're away...It's OK. (Lick, lick, sniffle, whimper). Give me a belly rub... you know you want to ---come on...you know you want to rub my belly...yes you do....ahhhhh there ya go.

Have a good trip, Dad. Bring me back a Chief Wahoo Hat even if it isn't politically correct.

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