Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why do I lick Dad's head?

A few people have been asking about the numerous times that I lick my dad's bald head. Here are some possibilities that some friends have suggested:

1) Dad wears a baseball hat and it makes his head sweat and I use him as a human salt lick--YUM!

2) I'm grooming dad--like a puppy grooms his mother. This was the one that intrigued dad the most and made him think that it was the right answer. His buddy, Paul just laughed at him.

3) I'm just showing him my affection and love.

4) Dad shampoos with ground beef or peanut butter.

But the real reason comes to us from some friends at Yahoo answers, one who has been breeding dogs since 1968.

"He is acknowledging you as the is a show of subordinance..
Wild dogs do this to gain favor of the pack leader, or when younger, of their mom. Actually, wolves groom each other by licking each other, and it's meant as affection, so he's treating you as part of her pack."

So dad's suspicion about his friend Leslie's suggestion on grooming was partially right. And Paul laughed at him. I think that's gonna cost him a beer.

1 comment:

Paul said...


I also cautioned your dad that he's going to get a rash.

(But, yes, one beer is owed.)