Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Dad's friend Al took an Alaskan cruise and found cute little Husky puppies being raised to possibly run the Iditarod--the famous dogsled race.

Cute pic. I met Al once and he is definitely a beer expert. I mean, if you name a country, Al can not only tell you not just a beer that comes from that country, but the BEST beer that comes from that country (and he just might have it in his fridge). Dad's favorite story about Al is the following from Al's rehearsal dinner.

Waitress: Can I get you a drink?
Al: What do you have on tap?
Waitress: Oh, we have everything...
Al: You DON'T have everything!
Waitress: No we really do!
Al: Ok, I'll play. What's the most obscure beer you have on tap?
Waitress: I mean...we have everything. We even have Michelob Dry!
Al (without missing a beat): I'll have a Sam Adams!

Hopefully, Al (or as he's known to others--Alex) will make his way to see me again. I was staying at Aunt Barb's, which happened to be in his neighborhood, so he came with dad to meet me. He's a great guy who often shares his Giants tickets with Dad.

I'm missing Dad--who is in Cleveland. But Mom is keeping me company after a long day at work. I spoke to dad on the phone though and he sounded like he missed me already. I know I miss having him come home but I know he'll be back soon. This weekend I get to meet his college buddy, Paul. Should be fun.

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