Sunday, March 8, 2009

Proud of Myself

So our trainer friend Laura and her friend Rob came over to work with me. Hence, my lack of blogging. I've been racked with lots of practice. Everything from sitting still when the doorbell rings to staying off the couch. I've been acting weird and don't really know why. I have been falling asleep on the couch with mom and dad while they watch TV and whenever someone moves slightly I get frightened and I jump and even give a little growl.

So I have lost my couch privileges for the moment. And I have been relocated to a nice new dog bed at the foot of the couch which I've grown accustomed to already. Fr Jack gave me a nice blanket too and that's become part of my new spot. Dad makes sure he pets me now and again to make sure I know that he still loves me and I've started to play ball more as well.

So new things abound. Hopefully this will help me overcome my fears. I'm already walking better and being less fearful near other dogs.

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