Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I killed your dog and then...

Dad's friend Michelle told him possibly the funniest (yet sad) story about a dog sitter today. This one may top the "My dog is not from Canada" story I blogged here from some time ago.

So a friend asked a another friend to dog sit and she agrees. But then proceeds to forget about the dog sitting for two days. She remembers and runs over the the house immediately and finds the dog in question acting weird and woozy. So she feeds the dog and he's still acting a bit weird. But she doesn't think that he's hurt or sick so she leaves.

She returns the next day and finds the dog dead. OK, now here's the part of the story where I take a moment to say that mom and dad would never have someone this irresponsible taking care of me. Yeesh.

So bad dog sitter lady takes the dog and places him in a box and begins to get on the cremate him at the humane society since there's no back yard or anything to bury him in. While on the subway a man approaches her and asks her:

"What do you have in that big box?"

Panic ensues: Lady thinks: Maybe I'm not supposed to have a dead animal on the train...I'd better lie.

"It's something electronic." she replies.

The man then proceeds to punch her in the face and steal the box as he runs off the train!

So let's review the course of the events here:

1) Woman forgets her responsibility to dog sit.
2) Dog dies.
3) Not only has this woman killed her friend's dog but NOW, she's lost the dog's body entirely!
4) She's gotten "mugged" and punched in the face.

Try explaining that to the pet's owners.

The moral of the story..if a dog dies and you have to take him to get cremated...take a cab.

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Michelle said...

Somehow it's funnier when your dog tells the story. I'm laughing so hard. Just sick....
Good to see you. You need to come to Chicago more often. Try the summer time. It's humid and horrid but at least it won't be snowing. Michelle