Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My dog is not Canadian

So Dad had lunch with an old high school buddy--who he never knew was interested in religious matters but is now a Lutheran Pastor. They shared funny ministry stories about crazy things and people that they've encountered but dad's friend (who we'll keep anonymous to protect those in this story) took the prize with this story.

The good Pastor was awakened at some God-awful hour by one of his parishioners. It seems while she was in Canada with her dog on vacation, her dog died on the trip.

So what does she do? (wait for it...)

She wraps the dog in bubble wrap in puts him in a box! Then the following conversation ensued at the border:

Customs Agent: "What's in this box ma'am?"

Lady: It's my dog.

Customs Agent: "You put your dog in a box?! That's cruel! And it's against the law."

Lady: "But officer, my dog is dead!"

Customs agent: "What? You put your dead dog in a box? And now you want to bring him over the boarder?"

Lady: "Yes sir. I wrapped him up in bubble wrap to protect his body and I'll dispose of him when I get home."

Customs agent: "Lady! You can't bring a dead dog from Canada into the United States!"

Lady: "But the dog isn't FROM Canada!"

Customs Agent: "You cannot cross the boarder with a dead dog! Next!"

You can't make this up folks:

So what does the kind lady do next. The most logical thing she could think of: She called her pastor--dad's friend.

His response: "Well......(long pause)....
I suppose you could cremate him or bury him there."

Lady: "But I don't want to do that!"

Pastor: (desperately trying not to laugh or be annoyed) "OK why don't you mail him home?"

So that's what she did. What can the poor postman be thinking?

He was a lot nicer than I would be--and I'm a dog sympathetic to the mourning of an owner who just lost her best friend. I think I would've told her to start digging.

So hereby let it be known--Mom...Dad...if I should ever die when we're on vacation it would be perfectly OK with me if you leave me in another country. Just take a clay paw print of me to remember me by!

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