Monday, November 17, 2008

Kim and Bayli

So at Dad's reunion his good friend Kim was shocked when they not only has a birthday cake for her but also that they made a donation in her name to the MS Foundation.

Dad thinks the world of Kimmi. They've been friends since 3rd grade and her dad even coached his little league team. Best of all is that Kimmi has a chihuahua! Bayli is her name and while I don't really like other dogs, Bayli is soooo cute. She's a chihuahua--need I say more?

I'm glad that Bayli makes Kimmi happy and that makes dad happy too. Bayli is one of those tiny chihuahuas but I'm sure, like me, she is able to create enough mischief to keep Kimmi on her toes. Dogs of any size just need lots of love and Dad says that's why Bayli looks so happy...Kimmi is more than capable of sharing so much love with all of those she meets. That Bayli is one lucky dog!

Kimmi, thanks so much for doing a lot of the planning for Dad's reunion. He came home all excited and we went for a nice long walk afterwards and he told me all about it. Mom said that you were so nice and so pretty and she was very happy that she met someone who obviously had such a positive influence on dad's young life.

Now go out and get that dog a treat and teach her a trick! Let her lick your face too! Because we all know that she realized how special you are.

As have we all.

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