Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving = Human Food!!!!

Mom and Dad came home from their Thanksgiving dinner with a DOGGIE BAG!

I got some turkey--OHBOYOHBOYOHBOY! Yum! Delicious. Thanks to Aunt Donna for sending it home with Mom and Dad.

I don't get human food on a regular basis --which I know is best for me. But I get tired of kibble and the occasional venison treat. So this was a real treat! Aunt Donna's turkey was juicy and tasty! I ate all of what she sent me home in about 15 seconds! Probably not great for my digestion--but it was so good!

I stayed home today while Mom and Dad went to Aunt Donna's. And I got to watch the National Dog Show! I don't like other dogs in general as regular readers know but I can handle dogs on TV. The Pointer (pictured, left) was the Best in Show and in the toy group, the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel was the winner. The long haired Chihuahua also came in 4th in the toy group.

I'm not a show dog, but dad says that people ask him all the time if he "shows me." I've been altered (which is the sophisticated way of saying that they cut my balls off), so I can't be shown. Dad says that if I could be shown that I'd win all the prizes. I doubt that I could stand still for that long--especially with all those dogs around.

I coulda been a contender though! Somehow I think it might've gone a bit like this.

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