Friday, November 21, 2008

I went to work with Dad!

I haven't gotten to go to Dad's office in a bit so since they had a pretty good night of fundraising at their big event last night, Dad decided to come in with me and surprise his two co-workers Brittany and Jarrad.

Fun. They both love dogs and like to play---I even got a new toy out of it. Jarrad's wife, Linda was jealous that Jarrad got to spend time with me. Dad met her for the first time last night at his fundraiser and called her "delightful" so we'll have to have her over to the house now, Dad and Mom. Remember, it's my house, you just pay the bills and I let you live there.

Brittany is fun too--she keeps coming by to play with me and I don't want her to go back to her office. Dad also met her boyfriend Samuel last night and he was a lot of fun too. Brittany also has a dog named Shiloe, who is a beagle. We like beagles from a distance but as in all dog matters, I'm too afraid to even walk across the room to shake paws.

I don't really like the office other than seeing the great people that Dad works with--it's a bit cold and dad can't play with me because he has to work. Because he's working so hard, I'm typing on the spare computer because we all know dad wouldn't be loafing on the job playing while he should be working. Besides, Bill McGarvey, dad's editor, told me that I'm a much better writer than dad anyway and my book, Googling Dog will be a much better book than his Googling God could ever hope to be.

Sorry, Dad. Looks like I'm even more creative than you thought.

Anyway, home for dinner soon!

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