Monday, November 10, 2008

And for what else shall we pray....?

Dad has taken to praying with me. Since I'm Mexican, he assumed that I was Catholic. I prefer to think of myself as "spiritual but not religious" especially since most religions say that I don't have a soul. HEY! I'M ALL SOUL, YOU JERKS! Barry White used to come to me for advice on how to be more soulful.

Ahem...regardless, I do have a deep respect for religious people especially those who realize that they have realized that something profound lies beyond our understanding. That's quite a humble statement and one that is indeed a universal truth.

Who do you pray for? What do you most hope for? Dogs out there, what are you looking for in this world that helps convince you of it's majesty?

I often pray for good treats--especially the venison kind! OHBOYOBOYOHBOY! But I mostly pray that people can live in peace and that people can care about all living things. That we have a concern not merely for nature but for the interactions that we encounter each day in nature. For that dumb cat downstairs to our grandparents to the little child who has nobody to care for him or her. What do we do that is lifegiving? Who do we bring a bit more soul to each day?

I think I'll go and try to cheer up dad now. He's been sad the last few days but that's nothing that a little head and face licking can't cure.

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