Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dog Hottie

OK--here's my latest crush. I'm partial to beagles as many of you know. French Poodles are such Eurotrash and after my Cockerpoo stage (people have filthy minds) I have decided to opt for a more sedate breed. Those chicks are nuts but man were they fun for awhile.

Rosie the beagle is the dog of Jarrad and Linda (you remember them--Jarrad works with dad) by way of Texas. He's their "home" doggie, meaning he lives with their family in their old home. And man is she ever cute! Those ears, those sad eyes, longing to have a belly rub...Oh if only I could be deep in the....heart of Texas! (Again filthy minded people were thinking something else). The heat, the sun, I'd just lie out all day and maybe occasionally share a water dish with Rosie and then watch some tv. Maybe we play a game of "Hey I've been what's the big deal?"

Regardless, Dad became her facebook friend so now I guess I have to get a page too!

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