Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowl Breakdown

So here's what I think since I watch football with dad all the time:

The Arizona Cardinals have been a surprise but it should be the end of the road for them in this game. Kurt Warner is a nice story but he will be on his back most of the day and will be flushed out of the pocket often. If he can endure that kind of abuse the Steelers are in trouble. Because Larry Fitzgerald is the key to the Cards offense and when Warner has time, Fitzgerald is his guy and he'll be tough to cover. So the Pittsburgh defense is much more important to their game plan than the offense is.

Ben Rothlesburger simply needs to not beat himself. Willie Parker should try to control the ball on the ground and if they can establish the run to set up the pass, then the Steelers should have an easy time if the defense plays their usual stellar game.

So I'm going with the Steelers here but I think the Cardinals will at least play well enough to be in the game for a half. Final Score:

Steelers 38
Cardinals 21

Dad gives me a busy buddy football toy (pictured) all the time--which is a toy that you put treats in and your dog has to figure out how to get the treats out. I'm pretty good at getting my venison treats out of the larger slot but the smaller one keeps me busy for some time.

So enjoy the big game. Dad will be in Ohio for the game, so pray for safe travel. Sorry we won't be able to watch the game together, I just hope mom doesn't put a Hallmark movie on instead!

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