Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

It is absolutely freezing in New York and that makes me hide under the covers or snuggle with Mom and Dad. I hate going out in the cold because I end up looking silly--like how I looked here on a cold Christmas morning. But it has given me time to make my New Year's Resolutions:

The Top 10 Haze Hayes Chihuahua resolutions.

1) Stop barking at other dogs (yeah, right)
2) Lose 4 oz.
3) Curl up more with Mom on the couch.
4) Come to work with Dad more to see Jarrad and Brittany.
5) Blog more often.
6) Eat breath saver dog biscuits.
7) Expose the Dog Whisperer as a fraud.
8) Watch more Hockey and Football with Dad in the winter and baseball in the summer.
9) Visit Grandma and Grandpa and not pee in their house.


10) To lick dad's bald head at least twice a day.

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