Tuesday, January 27, 2009

From Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad wrote me a nice note that I thought I'd share with you:

Dear Haze,

We just got back from our retreat and we found out that our marriage has really grown over the years but we really thought about how close we've become since you became our dog. We have not had children in our marriage for whatever reason and so we've been very happy to have someone else to love besides one another.

You've been such a good dog and have allowed us to work on our marriage in a new way--being a team that has to take care of you has allowed us to grow in a new way and the unconditional love that you show to us give us the opportunity to strive for a more perfect love that has no conditions either. We call that the kind of love that God shows to all of us.

So thank you for being our dog and for all the love you have shown us. There's a special treat that awaits you tonight.

Mom and Dad

The snausages were awesome!

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