Friday, January 23, 2009

Separation Anxiety: What can you do?

So mom and dad got their friend Rebecca to sit for me this weekend while they go away together on a marriage retreat to the beautiful Mt. St. Alphonsus--which would be a nice place for me to go and run in the snow, by the way--but the dog bigots run the place, so I'm out.

Perhaps that's a bit harsh, they have rules and I'm sure somebody there is a nice owner of a dog in their home but some dogs are not like me and they pee everywhere. Oh wait, hold on, that's exactly like me!

Rebecca will be staying at my house so I'm comfy. But I wonder what other people do when they have to leave their pets alone? I can't go to a kennel because I don't like other dogs. So mom and dad often leave me with a friend or figure something out so I'm not alone.

Now I'm also alone for a good part of the day when mom and dad go to work and I end up being by myself for most of the afternoon. Dad usually is the last one out so he gives me a nice belly rub before he leaves and then gives me treats in my "busy buddy" and walks out the door. I kinda look forward to him leaving now because I know I'm going to get a treat. They also leave the TV on for me and I hear human voices all day and it confuses me and makes me think someone's home. I can relax and sleep on the couch most of the day then.

Dad wants to set up "Haze cam" soon and put a webcamera in the house so he can check in on me from time to time.

What do y'all do with your pets when you leave?

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