Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why do some people have dogs?

So dad is walking on 57th Street and sees a man with a boarder collie. The boarder collie squats to take a pee (not my preferred way of doing that--but hey it takes all kinds) and the owner is pulling the dog across the street completely unaware that the dog is relieving himself.

I don't know how that dog suddenly stopped peeing but he managed. Dumb human. That's so rude! He's too busy talking on his cell phone to see that his dog is um...busy.

I hope that dog gets to pee in your shoes Mr. Man. And when he does you'll wonder why and probably even call him a bad dog--which is something humans should never say to dogs. It doesn't help and it certainly doesn't make the likes of me want to obey.

We dogs are just too cool for obedience school...we might go and make y'all think you've got us in your control but it is all a ruse so you'll keep feeding us.

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